Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday- Contest Day 4- Snore No More I Hope.

I got a package today... from Kenyetta. I have wanted one of these for quite awhile and she surprised me by sending me one. I am so looking forward to making a mini sock ASAP.

Here is the third pair of felted slippers... I made these ones with one solid color, PINK of course, and I added three bobbles to each pair to decorate them a little. This is before felting...

A close up of the felted bobbles
And the finished felted set. I'd say they are a size 5 or 6 Ladies size.
Ok let's move onto Wednesdays CONTEST Focus:

I am featuring a photo you can see shown here below
The color's a lot like Strawberry Jello
However, can you figure out what it soon will be?
Look closley and just maybe you might see
I won't tell you, you'll just have to guess
But I can confirm it is not a prom dress
In the comment section you can post your thought
Maybe tomorrow you'll see if you were right or not
That is of course if I can finnish it up tonight
With church and sleep study time might be tight

So just post a comment to be entered in the contest today. You don't have to guess right, or for that matter even guess at all. But I am sure curious to see what your creative minds make this out to be.
Yep tonight after church I head off to the clinic for the sleep study sleep over. Hence the blog title today... Snore No More, I Hope. I'll be back tomorrow with another chance for you all to enter... don't forget if you aren't a follower to follow the blog as I am doing a special gift from all the followers at the end of the month.
Sleep tight and Sweet Dreams. I doubt my dreams will be sweet, with goop and wires all over me. But it's for a good reason.


ilovesf said...

My prayers are with you, I think it is lips. Sweet dreams

SimplyMe said...


Call me if you need to...I'm not going anywhere!

WTG Kenyetta!!

I must say, I love that pair of slippers..and the bobbles are so cute. You're so going to have to teach me how to fold those babies together.

Marissa said...

I think that shape could be folded and sewn into a purse, or envelope. But, it could be anything! So...goop and wires, huh? There's a joke in there somewhere that I don't quite have the nerve to make...

rita said...

Sleep mask?

I'd love to have a sleep study done; I just don't sleep well. But my insurance won't cover one.

If I had sleep apnea, they probably would, but for good old insomnia/trouble staying asleep once I get there, uh uh.

Best wishes for tonight!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

If only my feet werent a size 9.5 these are so cute:)Hugs Darcy

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I bought the sock blocker keychain and pattern and someone borrowed it I havent been able to get the pattern or my needles back yet so my keychain is Hugs Darcy

Wendy said...

I am thinking it is a sleep mask, maybe for use forthe sleep study..
Hope you got some kind of sleep and come out Machine free...

leah said...

I've made one of those mini socks! They are so fun!

Renna said...

I love the little sock blocker keychain. One of these days I'm going to order myself one. The mini socks are so much fun!

Hmm..that looks like the bottom of one of those slippers you knit, pre-felting, to me.

Sleep tight! :-)

Claudia said...

Looks like the same shape as the slippers, but....*shrug* dunno!

I don't snore. Anymore. Got a cpap machine for me. Hubz had to get one, too. After I got my machine and stopped snoring we realized that he was snoring, too! LOL

Good luck with the sleep study. If you're anything like we were, you're going to need real sleep when you get home! *hugs*

Kenyetta said...

Love the slippers.
I was thinking the shape was more slippers...

shansays said...

More slippers! Hang in there girl. You are doing some great work.


sailorcross said...

I'm thinking that this is a piece to your slippers, too!!

And they are just beautiful--pink, BOBBLES (you know my current obsession with them) and so warm and snuggly!!

Good luck with the sleep study!! My daughter, Cara, is scheduled for one of these. Tell me, do you really sleep through this? She is concerned that she is going to go there and lay there awake all night!!


Unknown said...

Good luck with the sleep study, although by now, you should be waking up.

I really like those slippers.

And I think your mystery is the bottom of a one of the slippers.

Unknown said...

It kind of looks like a headband to me... attach some i-cords and it's a modified calometry (sorry, can't spell worth a darn!)

Good luck with your sleep study. I hope you are off the CPAP machine for good.

Georgi said...

It looks like another pair of slippers to me :-) Good luvk with the sleep study!

Maria said...

slipper or another kitty?
Love those felted slippers! So pretty! Cute bobbles!

RoamingKnitter said...

I'm guessing another kitty. The little sock blocker keychain is so cute. I've been meaning to get one, just haven't done it.

My son just started with a cpap, hope you are getting off yours for a nice normal night's sleep.

Katie O said...

Hope the sleep study goes well. I think it is part of your slippers...

Jane said...

It looks like the bottom of another slipper - except that I know the slippers are knit in strips.
My grandson had a sleep study done last week. How can you sleep all wired up? Can't wait to hear how you made out!

Teresa said...

You have been inspired by Adam's legos and it is the beginnings of a knitted Lego set!

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