Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday- Contest Day #13- Friday, Frogged and Frustrated

I figured I'd start off with the FOGGING part of Friday.
This is a pair of socks I started, oh I don't know well over a year ago. I didn't really like the yarn color that much so I shoved them in a bag and hid them in my closet. Yeah I know...But I found them this week and thought the color isn't too bad, I think it's just not the right pattern for them, so I frogged them and I will search for another pattern and try again. The OnLine sock yarn was bought on sale so it's really good yarn for me to practice with, right?
Being that it's Friday the Thirteenth I thought I'd just do a little survey...
Are you supersticious? Do you throw salt over your shoulder? Say White Rabbit on the first of the month? Avoid ladders and black cats? There are a ton of them? If you do tell me about it in the comment section and receive another entry in thsi months contest. Even if you aren't supersticious a comment of any kind will still get you in.
As for me... well I am NOT supersticious. In fact I always say since I am a child of God I a not of this world, I just live here, and if the world is afraid of Friday the 13th then it's a GOOD day for me.
That said car died today right in the middle of one of the busiest roads in Albany, at 5PM, yeah RUSH HOUR traffic. It had to be towed, my mom has AAA but couldn't help me, I had no way to get there to pick my son up (he had borrowed the car), my sister and other son were still working... yeah it was a bad luck situation and very frustrating. Do I now believe the 13th is cursed??? What do you think?
And finallyMy cocoa swap package was just the best. My secret partner was Mary Lynn, already a friend of mine and I have to admit I had NO clue it was her. She was so awesome taking head to my unusual circumstances because of my recent WLS and just went above and beyond what I would have hoped to receive.
My goodies came in three shipments. It was tough at first I decided NOT to open them until they were all received it worked until package #2 came and I opened it before I realized. Oh well, now I had to open the first, and then a couple days ago #3 finally arrived.
Package #1 was YARN. Two wonderful, beautiful, much desired yarn. One was Socks that Rock in the colorway "Deck the Halls" it's pink, and purple and rusty orange and I LOVE it. The second yarn was from Cherry Blossom Fibers in the colorway "Beach House", also with PINK in it and a variety of other colors. I can not wait to use these up. They are in hanks so I'll have to be careful. Don't want any more spaghetti yarn incidents. LOL
Package #2 came in the tin that says Yarn Snob on it and inside are these coolest circles of stitch markers in assorted sizes. They remind me of candy, and I have never seen these before. What a find, Mary Lynn, I love them too.
Then the final package #3 arrived. Inside this was some sugar free hot cocoa (the only kind I can drink) some green tea and four different Tazo brand envelopes of herbal tea. I have had these before and I LOVE them. Very flavorful. Also included are some equal sugar packets, they can always come in handy. Some yarn was in this package too... it has pinks and browns and rusty colors in it as well, and she rolled these into balls for me, see Mary Lynn reads my blog and KNOWS I am hank challenged. LOL. It's 100% virgin wool and custom hand painted from Koigu Designs. I think there is enough for socks here, but if not I'll find something else to make with it. So soft. There was also an Altoid tin but inside was this great pair of scissors, they look so fancy and can I just say I lost my mini scissors a month ago, I've been using a nail clipper to cut my yarn so these were so needed. LOL. A needle row counter, a darning needle, a stitch holder and come more stitch markers. Man I am set for life here. And last the Blah Buster Buddy... it's not an animal... Mary Lynn always astute knows my real passion is BAGS. I love bags and I especially love felted bags. So instead of an animal she made me a mini felted bag. And attached to it with a small stitch holder is a mini knitted mitten. OMG it's adorable.
I am sure my pictures don't do all these wonderful gifts justice but I have to say I was blessed. This Cocoa Swap is my favorite swap. Thanks Michelle and Holly too for continuing this tradition and thank you Mary Lynn for being a great swap partner.
That said, I am calling it a night. You all have a wonderful evening and sweet dreams.


Turtle said...

ouch on the car! One of our estheticians today was in the middle of the facial and went to reach for the lamp with the enlarger fell apart in her hands (not luckily onto the client), 5 minutes later she tripped on nothing and almost fell over, not her day...but she could be heard mumbling about the 13th, smile. I am slightly superstitious but cannot think of any specific thing right now, lol! Some may even be more Treaditions vs superstitions. Love the yarn snob holder tin! and i like the green yarn!

Unknown said...

what a super uber swap package you received.
No I'm not superstitious at all but I do believe in spirits and ghosts and the after life.
Hugs Patt

SimplyMe said...

Not too superstitious, but I do have to stuff the idea down from time to time.

Knit the flippin' socks you want to knit, and we both KNOW it's not the green ones. Grrrrrrr.

Love the swap package. Mary Lynn did ya right. WTG Mary Lynn!!!

Wendy said...

no superstition here....if I am going to have a bad day then it will be no matter what the date.

finished a baby hat using the DP's I made....had to ask for help to figure out how to end it....

sailorcross said...

WOW!! That was some swap package you received!! I have done the same thing with hanks of yarn, and I've found that a chair is now my best friend in this challenge!!

As for being superstitious, I'm not superstitious at all--especially since I was born on Friday, the 13th!! What could that thought do to my head!!

I was raised with a grandmother who was superstitious though--throwing salt over her shoulder, and don't dare put an umbrella up over her head in the house. Oh, I have to admit that my sister and I used to do this just to see her totally freak out and try to run away from us screaming "get that umbrella away from me!!" Why? I don't know, but we had many a laugh doing this. Poor Grandma--we were torturing her!!

She got us back though--once had soft crabs in the sink in their ice bath--still alive of course--and SHE chased us with THEM!!


Jane said...

You know, I never even noticed that it was Friday the 13th yesterday! I was thinking all day long that it was the 14th since we were having our Valentine's party at school. Do I think you are superstitious now that you had bad luck on the 13th? No, probably not. Especially after receiving that great package from MLJ. I've been the receipient of MLJs swaps before and I know how awesome they are!

leah said...

No superstitions here! Awesome swap!

Unknown said...

It's funny since the 13th is my lucky number (my b-day) and it fell on Friday this year. So I'm not superstitious. I believe like you. I am a child of God and that's all.
Broken cars must be an epidemic. Ours broke down too. Bad break line. But it wasn't in traffic, thank goodness!
Your package looks great. Check your mailbox on Tues!

Katie O said...

Sorry the car broke down... what a helpless feeling. I am not superstitious. My birthday this year is gonna be on friday the 13th... it's all in your head. if you believe you are gonna have a crappy day, you will... gotta think of the positive.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I am not superstitious... i believe that everything happens for a reason and that God is watching over me! :) Needless to say, I do wear the same socks to every single one of my basketball games... not that i believe its lucky but just a mind game lol :) haha, i do wash them though!! ;) By the way, have you really lost 230 lbs? that is AMAZING!!! :D keep up the hard work!! :) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!
God bless,

magnoliasntea said...

Sorry to hear about your car trouble. You're not alone..we lost the tread off a tire when we were pulling a trailer last weekend..had to creep home at 20 mph.

Great swap package! Love the tin.

Maria said...

Oh sorry about the car thing. I hate that you had to experience that. On the other hand, awesome swap package!!! I hope to see some sock soon!!! Not superstitious,here.

Maria said...

Oh, I meant SOCKS, as in two socks! No second sock syndrome allowed! ;)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely Package! Go Mary Lynn! Awesome job.

Unknown said...


I had great fun being your Swap Pal. It was especially fun posting comments to your blog on the same day but at different times! LOL.

I'm glad you liked your package. I love that little felted bag. It is a pattern from One Skein Wonders and it is really a fun and easy knit. Maybe someday, I'll make one for me!

I took my blog off of Ravelry for a variety of reasons.

I hope the rest of your weekend is better than it started.

Mary Lynn

Claudia said...

My father was VERY superstitious. To the point where one day when he left for work, a black cat ran across his path and he turned around, came back home and refused to go into work that day (he owned his own business, but still...). For my own part, I got a little bit from him and a little bit from our Italian heritage, but in college I studied superstitions and their history and that put a lot of it to rest. I don't even think about Friday the 13th anymore. This year it was only the day before Valentine's Day. :)

So sorry about your car. It must have been such a stressful situation for you! *hugs*

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I say alittle prayer before every road trip.How fun to be spoiled by a friend and spoiled you were wonderful package:)Hugs Darcy

Renna said...

I'm not supersticious at all, though I think I was when I was young. I'm trusting my future to God, though I realize my choices have much to do with what happens to me.

danielle said...

I always cringe about Friday the 13th but cannot even remember if it is ever really that bad for me! This year it was a good day! But I do believe in 'voo doo". By that I mean, at work if we get ready and prepared for the very worst, the very worst rarely happens. Love the bag you got - and the Yarn Snob!!! LOL

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