Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday- Contest day 6- I can't wait for MONDAY...

First let me get the FINISHING FRIDAY out of the way...
Gosh is this all I finished this week???Well I think I did more, and then there is the MYSTERY photos from the past few days, but I am not ready to reveal that just yet.


For Friday's contest I thought I'd see if any of you who KNIT, CROCHET, SPIN OR CRAFT would like to take a quick Knitting Survey. It's only two questions and the results are viewable right after you answer your two quick questions.

When you leave your comment today let me know what category you fell into. I think I was D or E, I am having a temporary (or maybe permenent) brain lapse. That will get you your entry today in the February month long contest. Of course taking the survey is not a requirement... all you have to do is leave any old comment at all.

Well I am exhausted. I love having Adam here but it's a long weekend between now and Sunday night, {{sigh}} Maybe Uncle Jimmy will get the XBOX hooked back up and he can play Star Wars upstairs for a while and I can take a nap.

Oh and this week I was able to eat my first egg since surgery. I made one poached egg on toast. This is also the first piece of bread I've had since October.
Now I didn't use this machine BUT I have this contraption. I got it for Christmas. It's still in the box. Now that I know I can eat an egg and a slice of toast I plan on getting some use out of it.

As for the weight loss I lost 1 pound this week. Not great, but I am happy. Mostly because I was blessed with the curse yesterday, hence the reason I am so very tired. Can you really be blessed with a curse??? Hmm who made up that saying? Shelly wanna google it's origin for me? LOL

Well that said I am going to change Adam and see if we can't both fall asleep before 11Pm tonight. I KNOW I will, the question is will he? I can't wait for Monday so I can rest.

You all have a great night, Sweet Dreams



leah said...

I'm a C!

Claudia said...

I'm an F. :( Sometimes I hate surveys.

So what exactly is that contraption? Looks interesting. Expensive?

Renna said...

I'm an F (ages 50-59).

Congrats on getting to eat the egg and toast. For your sake, I hope little Adam is a late sleeper. ;-)

Wendy said...

I am an "E"....I would love to have tha contraption....oh so easy...I can NEVER make a poached egg, it turns out a giant mess, no matter how many times I have ra how to do the "Perfect" poached egg...
Finished Brooke's sweater, finally, will get pictures of her in it is LATE or is that EARLY...1:07a.m....tired momma here..

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Iam an E and where can I get the egg toaster to cool;)Hugs Darcy

Unknown said...

Ok I'm a D

I've been dreaming of a toaster oven. that's the contraption I want!

Hope you get some rest. I don't believe in parking the kids in front of the TV, but sometimes it needs to be done! Even if I can get a slight snooze, it's all good.

MamaMay said...

I am a C. That is what I get for being a youngun.

Kenyetta said...

I'm C. I had just turned 29 when I taught myself

Maria said...

I'm an F!

smariek said...

I took that survey earlier today or maybe it was yesterday, can't recall, seems like such a long time ago. Don't remember what letter I was, it was the one with the age range up to 39.

Jane said...

I think I'm a G - but then it took me a couple of seconds to get from there to here so I might hve forgotten by now LOL That egg/toast thingy looks pretty neat!

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