Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday- Contest Day #11- Ridiculous Riddle & Cocoa Swap Topic #4

Well it's the middle of the week and here we are. Have you had a productive week so far? I think I am a little behind but I hope to catch up with the second half of the week.
Wednesdays Contest Focus:
Let's move on to a RIDDLE shall we?
Below you will see a riddle... post your answer to this riddle in the contest section to get another entry in this months contest. Don't worry even if you don't think you know the correct answer any old comment will still count, so don't be shy, OK?
Well Wednesday has always been Prince Pasta Day
Remember the commercial proclaimed it that way
So sauce and spaghetti were the dinner fare
We loved it so we didn't complain or care
Add garlic bread and we would smile ear to ear
Our excited voices were not hard to hear
But to make the Wednesday dinner matter most of all
We had to have a heaping serving with a homemade ????

My son hooked up the WII to my TV downstairs. So today of course we had to play some games. He also bought a NASCAR racing game, steering wheels and all, so we tried that. We played all four tracks, I did best on the Talladega track, it was just an Oval racetrack. But the other three, well let's just say if I were taking a driving test, I'd have been laughed out of Dodge. My husband has never played WII, so I taught him how to bowl tonight, I won two out of three games. I can see a re-match in our future. LOL.
I had a HUGE NSV (non-scale victory) today. I was able to wear the seatbelt in my car without the extender today. YES, no more extenders for me, and there was still room to spare. It's been 10 years that I have had this stupid extender. Oh happy day...
Cocoa SWAP Topic #4-
As we head into those doldrum parts of the Winter season (thank you very much Puxatawney Phil for seeing your shadow yet again)… It makes you dream of the seasons you love… What is your favorite season? What do you love most about that season? and… What is your favorite thing to do NOW to keep you from stressing about MORE winter to go?
My favorite season since I moved to New York 29 years ago was always AUTUMN. Because in NY winter, is cold, spring is wet, and summer is humid. Autumn however is fresh and crisp and the air smells clean. I love to go outside and just take deep breaths. BUT this year I am going to be able to go in my sisters above ground pool!!! I won't weigh too much to fear the ladders anymore. I am so looking forward to Summer for the first time in ovver 15 years. What keeps me from stressing out while winter continues? NOTHING... sorry to say I just have to wait it out. But I can say this swap makes it a lot more fun while I wait.
One last thing... I also wanted to make mention and link back to The Wont You Be Mine contest at Tangerine Dreams. You just have to check out the yarn she has there. I've never seen anything like it before. Click on the link and be amazed
I guess that's about all the news from a thawing Upstate NY today. I think I'll get a drink of water, brush my teeth and hit the hay. I wish you all a great night and sweet dreams.


Wendy said... the answer...and I do not remember that...BUT funny thing is we had spaghetti for dinner tonight..........

Kenyetta said...

I am going to go with meatballs too. I havent' had spaghetti in a while!

smariek said...

MEATBALL! But in order to be "healthier", we've switched to turkey meatballs here.

Congrats on the seatbelt milestone!

Those Wii games are addictive. DD loves Mario Kart. I want to get better at Tiger Woods golf.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Meatball if you look at my previous blog posts we were brought some during my recovery:)Hugs Darcy

sailorcross said...

Now, I don't remember that commercial, and since I AM older than you, I should!!

But, I do remember--"Mama Mia, that's a spicy meataballa!" Remember that one!!

I don't have a Wii, but I know many who do, and I hear it can be a great form of exercise. Maybe I'll have to look into this in my future.

My favorite season--it's a toss up between Spring and Autumn. I love Spring because of all the trees and flowers returning to life with their new little buds appearing.

Then, Autumn--with all the vibrant colors of the trees, the crispness of the air. We had a beautiful fall this year!!


Anonymous said...

A Meatball :-) I always enjoy your riddles!

Congrats on the NSV... sometimes it's the little things that make our motivation keep on keeping on! Great job Kathy!!!

ps.. Autumn is my favorite too...

Unknown said...

And I was going to say Yarnball, LOL. Who eats yarn with spaghetti? I guess the pic threw me off.

Oh happy day for you. No more extenders! Yay!!!
And I'm jealous that you have a Wii. I want one badly. Maybe I can get one as a late B-day gift. Hmmmm.

Oh yeah, I love the fall too. You know, in the Bible, the fall is the beginning of the New Year for the Israelites/ Jewish. I always find promise and hope in the Fall.

magnoliasntea said...

Spaghetti with homemade meat sauce is my all-time favorite meal even better than steak. :)
Congrats on kickin' out the extender.

Unknown said...


Hope you had a wonderful evening . . . we did have spaghetti for dinner last evening!

Unknown said...

p.s. we had the thaw going on since last weekend . . . today the wind has been gusting all night (up to 70 miles per hour) and the temp is dropping. Snow expected later this evening (not much but snow nevertheless).

SimplyMe said...


Cos everybody else is right!!! LOL.

have a great day

Anonymous said...

Meatball of course!!!! Love me some good meatballs.

Congrats on the no more extender!!!!

You go girl!!!


Cinders said...

Hi Kathy,
thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

I was going to say 'spaghetti server!!! can you have a homemade spaghetti server? LOL but I'll go for meatball.!

Laurie~Let's Knit It said...

Definitely Meatball

Jane said...


We are Wiing these days too. Don't have the NASCAR yet - but I know it is coming! We've been bowling, golfing, shooting darts, shuffleboard, etc. DH also downloaded a fishtank so we can watch the fishies swimming around on the t.v. screen - very relaxing!

Turtle said...

lol, meatball...i remember that! i see you got busy withthe tangle!

Katie O said...

Congrats on the no seatbelt extender... What a wonderful feeling!!! :) YEA!

Teresa said...

Congrats! No more extenders. That is truly wonderful. Keep it up.

Renna said...

I've been out of town for a few days, so I'm reading and commenting in reverse order. That means, I've already read "Meatball" in the following day's post. That said, I'd still have said it, since it obviously rhymes1 ;-Þ

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