Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday- Contest Day #7- Makeovers and Muffeled Knitting

Adam wanted to drive the new slipper around. I tried to make a slipper pattern I saw on DROPS Design but I don't think I did mine right, they look nothing like theirs did. Oops. So I wonder what I should call these? This was the pattern I tried to follow. Also I am not sure what kind of yarn I used, it might be wool... I am still debating if I want to wash them and see if they felt. What are your thoughts?
The weekends are usually casual contest wise... How about a simple thought question today?
What is your favorite yarn to work with?
Just post your answer in the comment section or as usual any old comment will do and you'll have another entry in this months Contest.
Speaking of contests... remember I have several listed in my side bar, but I wanted to make special mention of this one... mainly because I WANT to win this one. LOL
Need a new Blogspot Makeover?? You can win one designed for you by Sumer's Designs valued at $100.00. I entered, you should check it out too. Awesome. It's ending on Wednesday Feb 11, 2009. Make sure to mention you heard about it here, thanks. Just click on the button below to enter the contest.

So there you go... my quick weekend update. I am a little out of practice on contests at the moment... hopefully next week I can get back to some fun things for you instead of mostly questions and stuff.
Church tomorrow and Adam goes home. He won't be here next week as he is taking a trip to South Carolina. What will I do with myself next week?
We are getting ready for bed now, so I will sign off. You all have a great night and sweet dreams.


Maria said...

Those slippers are cute. I love that dark purple color!

Renna said...

If you felt them, will they still fit? Then again, I guess they'll likely fit somebody if they felt..maybe Adam. ;-Þ

I haven't really had an opportunity to knit with all that many yarns yet. I live in a small town with only Wal-Mart, and a small craft store with a few select yarns. I visit a yarn shop on our visits to Dallas, but that's usually only once a year. Of all the yarns I've felt (touched, not fulled), alpaca is my favorite. I could pet it all day. ;-)

MamaMay said...

cute slippers!

Fav yarn? Well I would have to say I don't have one. I am preferring wool right now but I suspect that it is likely that is because I am making soakers for little G.

To answer the question you left on my blog: I get about 100 to 150 hits a day on my blog. My other blog (the one I haven't updated since Aug. 31st.) gets about 150 to 250 a day. Just think the numbers I would get I hadn't changed blogs.... Oh well.

Unknown said...

I'm really liking your version of the pattern better than Drops!! If you felt them I bet they'd fit me perfectly! lol lol. Oh next weekend, just come an visit me since Adam won't be staying with you.!! Man that would be uber cool.
Hugs Patt

Claudia said...

Favorite yarn is Noro. All of them! LOL I love felting the wools. The fingerless gloves I just made have a lot of silk in them and they feel so good. I love the colors. It's sickening how much I love this stuff.

I love the slippers! No, they don't look quite the same, but so what? They are yours. :) And that's the fun in knitting. :)

Wendy said...

Hmmm that is a tough one...I really like the borwn sheep cotton fleece and then just plain ole cotton...

sailorcross said...

Favorite yarn--now that is definitely a difficult question.

Right now, I'm liking the Trekking XXL that I'm making those pink socks with (where you able to get this?). But, I have that Crystal Palace yarn waiting in the wings for another pair of socks.

Basically, anything that is soft!!

Cute slippers,and not only that--they make a good race car, too!!


SimplyMe said...

My favorite yarn.......GOOD QUESTION.....available yarn is my favorite, just so as it doesn't feellike sandpaper through my fingers.

Unknown said...

Cute slippers. Who cares what the pattern says? I think you did awesome!!

My favorite yarn? Hmmm. I really like cotton. but soft cotton. I love this coton! cotton.

I also splurged awhile ago and got a skein of Misti Alpaca Chunky. Very soft!

I guess if it's not cotton, I really like wool or alpaca.

I don't mind acrylics as much either.

So you can see, I like them all!!

Jane said...

Well, you know my philosphy - when in doubt - felt it!
My favorite yarn? That's like asking which child is my favorite LOL.

leah said...

I've gotten spoiled! My handspun is my favorite yarn!

Turtle said...

love the purple!!

Favorite?? Is it fiber, was it a natural product once? It's my new favorite!

Teresa said...

I have so many yarns I like to work with. Silks and bamboos are just so yummy but pricey. I guess I don't have a favorite.
I hope Adam has a good trip and you get a nap while he is gone. You will need to rest up for when he gets back.

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