Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday- Contest Day #10- Creative Ideas Abound

Well here it is Tuesday already. I am a little off as it was not usual having Adam on a Monday and Tuesday. So I kept thinking today was Saturday. Anyway Adam has gone home. His grandma is still in the hospital but is stable. She has pnemonia among other things. We are hoping they keep her there until her daughter and Adam return from South Carolina Thursday next week. She can't be left home alone.
I decided to try to work on the "spaghetti yarn" tomorrow I will reveal if I gave up or ended up with a "meatball". It's still up in the air at this point, but I can say I DID NOT knit a thing today because I was tied up in knots.
I was wondering what creative ways you have found to model some of your finished projects? I am always looking for new ways to show off slippers, socks, hats etc. One day I'd love to have a mannequin and a bust, and feet and hands oh I want it all, LOL.
So in the comment section today tell me about some of the things you ahve used or seen on other blogs, bought things or homemade whatever. This will get you an entry today for the February contest. No worried if you can't think of anything because any old comment will get you in. But... you never know if this is the day your contest answer counts for a mini prize.
Here is my most recent creative modeling tool. My son bought a new pair of Sketchers and these were inside his shoes. And this is how they worked as the model for those purple slippers I made the other day. They work good, but only if I want to model a size 10 slipper, LOL. Maybe I can get some smaller models from the shoe store someday.
It's almost midnight so I am off to bed. You all have a great night and sweet dreams. I'll be back tomorrow.


Renna said...

That's a toughie. I did make a pair of sock blockers out of a plastic placemat!

Katie O said...

I have used fans, chairs, lamps, lawn chairs, dressers, and people... Nothing too crazy, but i will prop it up on whatever I can find that will show it off the best!! :)

Claudia said...

I'm boring. I just stick stuff on a table, snap and put 'em online. *shrug*

Wendy said...

I want all those things too...I want them in pieces so that I do not have to cover a naked "lady" to get pics...
I have used people, laid flat, stuffed with cloths, drapped over things, used myself...anyway I can get a good pic and truely show the item..then there has been the times were I am ins such a hurry to just show it off, that I have laid it across the keyboard and snapped a pic...
Hope you have a good night sleep...

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I wear between a size 9.5 and a 10 in womens shoes shocking I know;)
I bought a styrofoam head from the beauty supply store for under $4 so Stella models my neckwarmers and hats:)((((Hugs)))) Darcy

Unknown said...

I like the shoe shaper. I always toss those inserts. Now, that will make my hubby nuts when I start keeping the plastic inserts!

For felted bags and bowls, that have a round shape, I often use an inflated balloon. In fact, if I am sending it off to someone, I will flatten the item and include a balloon and instructions on how to reshape the item.

Other than that I am relatively boring. Usually, I put it on my desktop (which is off-white) or my couch (which is also off-white). I have put gloves on and taken pics (a challenge at times).

leah said...

Over Christmas DH and I found several stores going out of business...I went looking for a foot....to model socks....there seemed to be everything except feet....legs, arms, hands, heads, full body, but no feet. I'll be keeping my eyes out though! I was too funny looking though!

Turtle said...

lol, love your shoe model! i was going to text a girlfriend the other day to see if she still had one of her old model heads from her cosmetology class (i'm sure by now she has many facial piercings, punk haris and handcrafted tattoos) but she would be great! someday a mannequin!

Unknown said...

I love it when people are creative with props and such. Like candies or a plate or soap with dishcloths.
I have used a tree to model a scarf. The yarn kind of snagged on the tree, and that was helpful. Otherwise I am just a point a shoot until I get a good representation.

Jane said...

I do use the manikin heads for hats and scarves. I have also tied scarves around a vase to photograph them. I've used teddy bears and snowmen as models. And I love to use my granddaughrer as a model. But most of the time my stuff is just on a chair or on the floor - pretty boring! I'm going to think more about posing my projects from now on!

Anonymous said...

Clever, clever. I think I am just not creative enough to think of other uses or interesting backgrounds.

You should get your package tomorrow. Don't be surprised. It has my business name and address on it, but it is kind of bulky.

Your Cocoa Swap Pal

Mary Ann said...

I ususally have one of my dd's model whatever or I do it myself and have someone else take the picture. For afghans, I put them on my bed and take the pic. My little octopus sat atop my coasters!

Love how you used the things from your sons shoes to show off your slippers!

SimplyMe said...

You GOOB. Now I'm going to look at all the shoes when we buy them next to see if they have cool to model things in them!!!!

nope, I'm not good at props. what a shocker!

You haven't blogged. Does this mean you are still up?

smariek said...

I'm not very creative when it comes to photos. I have to try to find a horizontal surface that isn't covered with DD's stuff (which is all over the house)... which usually turns out to be the coffee table, floor, or bed.

I think what I need is a mannequin ... head for hats, hands for mitts, feet for socks, neck/body for scarves, ...

I like what Grace has for showing off shawls.

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