Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday- Contest Day #23- Make Room For The Bag Lady

It'a Monday and I thought I'd show you a couple pictures from the weekend.
Papa got Adam a sign at the Saints game the other night and he had to show it off for the camera
And this is Jim (my oldest) doesn't he look great all dressed up? He recently joined the gym and is starting to look pretty good. Now if I could only get him to smile a little.
How many project type bags do you have to carry around or store your WIP's in? Are they handmade or just grocery bags? Post your answer in the comment section for an entry for today in the February contest. This is the final week, hard to believe the month is almost over already.
I have oh more bags then I can count on both my hands, some small some large some filled with yarn, others with WIP's and some of them are filled with empty bags too. I have a thing for bags, around here most of my family and friends call me "The Bag lady"
Speaking of bags...
This is a bag I received from Patt's Creations. It's black with PINK flowers. Perfect for me and I love it. The lining inside even has a pocket, pretty nifty Patt, you did a fabulous job.
Underneath the bag is one of the dishcloths I made this weekend, can't show it off though until Friday as it's the KAL this week and I want to wait until I have posted the lines for all the days.
Not much else going on here. My car is all torn apart, the engine is OUT and we are waiting on the part to try to fix it. Maybe tomorrow, hopefully by Thursday as I have DR appts on Thursday and Friday this week. It's pretty cold and windy here today and I am wishing the furnace was working about now. The wood stove is going but I think my fingers are BLUE. I haven't knitted anything yet today but I may stay up all night and work on an afghan to warm me up. Yikes. First though I am going to go make something to eat. I skipped dinner, I think a multi grain english muffin with PB on it and afterward a cup of HOT HOT HOT Tea.
You all have a wonderful night and I'll catch up with you tomorrow. Sweet Dreams everyone.


SimplyMe said...

What a cute bag!!!!

I love Adam and the sign.

Jimmy is looking good. Yes, mom, smiling might be asking too much.

I'm forgetting the car. blech.

Me and bags I'm not counting the plastic sacks. I offically have 3 project bags. I also have a new carry around bag to add to the 3-4 bags I already have to carry bigger projects.....or a project bag/water bottle/book/etc. Love it.

Can't wait to see the cloth.

Mari said...

There are about 3-4 project bags around my house. My bags are actually Zip Lock Bags. Thats all I got. :)

Renna said...

My son is like yours, in that I can't get him to smile for the camera. Whenever my daughter is visiting, I put the two of them together for a picture, and just before I snap it, she tickles him, and I get a big smile. It works everytime. ;-)

I have numerous project bags going at one time. I have various fabric totes, some with a shape, and some just shapeless fabric bags.

My mom recently redecorated her house and ended up with numerous smallish rectangular shaped clear plastic bags that had sheers (curtains) in them. She saved them for me in case I had a need of them. I've found them to be perfect for holding my WIP's. They're thicker plastic than a zip-loc style bag, so my needles don't poke through, and they zip closed!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Right now i currently have one bag that used to be a carry all tote for the summer (swim suit, towel, books, water, wallet, flip flops, extra socks, etc..) If I'm at school I stuff my WIP in my book bag lol...

Wendy said...

I shall confess that I have 10 bags, not all of them have projects in them,but right now 3 do. I have a felted bg I made, some sturdy plasic ones from little Christmas bath/shower gifts, a crafters choice bag, a bag frm the funeral home that they put the guest book, thank yous an such in, then I have some other tote bags that I have received here and there or even confiscated from my sister..OH and I forgot the Market day bag and the cloth (go green) grocery bags (2)...O my word, and I seen another, the other day, that I want....

Bubblesknits said...

Nope, not gonna admit how many I have. ;-) Needless to say, I'm a sucker for a cute project bag. One of my favorites: Kathy's bags at GypsyKnits. Very cute. Oh, and Stuck In Illinois on Etsy.

Unknown said...

humm what a handsome grandson and son you have!! And that is a mighty fine project bag too!!
where is your clay projects? Did u make anything yet????

Claudia said...

I found a great HUGE diaper bag at Walmart a few years ago that I use for my knitting WIP's. It has zippered pockets and other pockets and tons of room for everything I need. I absolutely love it.

ozlynda said...

I LOVE that bag and I too am a sucker for bags.
I have 5 currently around the place with wip's. (Mantra - they are not UFOs.)I use a sheep shaped bag and several bags that came with magazines, very good too. A Huge bag for large projects and weekends that was originally a scrapbook bag, the pen holders are great for needle holders.LOL
But I also use calico bags, ziplock bags and whatever else I can lay my hands on when I need something.

Unknown said...

Adam is very cute and your son is nice looking too, in spite of not smiling!

As to the bags, hmmmm, too many to count. Actually, some of my favorite bags are those AVON often has available for free or minimal cost when you purchase so much stuff. For the most part, they zip and are perfect to tuck into another bag. Then I have a bunch of other bags to put the other zipped bags into. Oh, and I have a couple of draw string bags and then there are always the tried and true, trusty, zip lock plastic bags. LOL

Teresa said...

Oh I have bags and bags and bags. I love bags. Some are bags I got when I was quilting more. Some are cute little bags ment to carry books in and some are just really nice shopping bags that do wear out but I love them at the time. I don't have that many WIPs right now which is a switch for me. I always have a prayer shawl in one bag, a dishcloth or baby bib in another to pick up and go with and my current projects are by my chair.

Knitnut,Karen said...

Good- looking sons! A smile is always nice, but he still looks good without one! Nice bag, hope your car gets fixed. It's awful to be carless! Stay warm!

bitsy8 said...

I read your blog regularly, however, this is my first time to post. I have 3 projects in my bag that I take to meetups, a sock, a bootie, and a small shaw. I usually have them in smaller bags.

Unknown said...

I have 1 bag I use for my all purpose knitting bag. It contains all my notions and my WIP's that I am trying to get done NOW. I also have a small sock bag for only socks. Can't get much else in there.
And I have another bag that holds ideas. Yep, maybe yarn or a pattern...but that's about it.
All my bags are handmade FOR me that I got in swaps, so I'm very close to them.
Your little bag is very cute!
Hope you stay warm. It should start to dethaw a little. Spring is around the corner!

Jane said...

I hate to admit this - but I went around and counted 9 - that doesn't include the baskets that I use for projects too. I have two knitting bags with pockets, etc. and then I use the canvas bags that you get in the stores now - usually for 99 cents. How can you beat that! Then I have several baskets that I keep yarn/projects in. Of course I can never find what I'm looking for anyway!
That's a nice bag you got from Patt!

magnoliasntea said...

If I count my bags I'm gonna feel real bad for havin' so much junk!
Let's just pretend I have, oh, say..three. _giggles_

magnoliasntea said...

I forgot to say I love your li'l pink flower-dy bag. Pretty.

Turtle said...

i think my comment was eaten!

Maria said...

Bags? Bags. Yes, I have them, and I can't count them. Most are empty, one has a sock project, one has something else, oh my...and you know my craft room is still not organized since we moved here 6 months ago.... The yarn is in under-bed plastic tubs, but I have bags. I especially like the birdy project bag I got from you once!!!!! :)

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