Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday- Contest Day #22- A Deal... Some Assembly Required

Yep it's a deal huh? Any takers?
Can you believe it's been a month almost. Next Sunday I will reveal the grand prize winner as well as the winner from those that are followers of my blog as well. BUT this week the winner belongs to...RENNA. Regis (my random number generator)gathered all the comments from people who answered about their favorite birthday dessert... there were 17 comments and Regis chose #1. Congratulations Renna. And your prize? Well it's 2 Balls of Cotton, I'll PM you on Ravelry and we can discuss colors.
Today is my Dad's birthday. I know my Dad doesn't read my blog so no shout outs to him here today. I'll call him on the phone instead later tonight. He'll be home watching the Oscars, it's a NO MISS event in his world, I loved watching them with him every year, but now we live 3000 miles apart. My Dad could tell you who won every year I am sure. I got my love of movies from him.
I decided to blog earlier today so I guess sweet dreams won't be my closing tonight. Instead I wish you a day full of FUN and FAMILY and FRIENDS. See you Monday.
For Shelly Just From Me

Yeah it's DARK but we still have half the house without electricity and it was midnight when I made the video. Wish I was there to sing in person. Love ya.


SimplyMe said...

You're a sweeheart

AND you can carry a tune.

You got screwed on your end of this friendship deal!!!!!


SimplyMe said...

Congrats Renna!!!!

RoamingKnitter said...

Happy Birthday to your dad and to Shelly. Congrats Renna. Have fun watching the Oscars.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Congratulations Renna!! :D make something wonderful with the cotton!! :) I love that sign! haha, its' cute!! It's snowing right now here in Ohio... I really just want it to start warming up! lol and... I don't think i've ever watched the oscars... Never! lol

Maria said...

Congratulations, Renna! Happy birthday to Shelly, too!

amy-lynne......... said...

wtg renna!... LOL at the sign... love the drawing too... kids and hubby thought that was funny too...

Kenyetta said...

Congrats Renna and Happy Birthday!

Renna said...

First of all, I LOVE the sign! ;-Þ

Secondly, wow, thank you for the cotton. I feel like a celebrity seeing all these 'congrats' to me in your comments. ;-Þ

You have a good voice. I'd never sing in a video on my blog, 'cause if I did, I don't think anyone would ever come back, lol. ;-)

Teresa said...

Congrats Renna.
Happy Birthday dad.
I can't get the video to work. Maybe my computer is too tired this time of night.
Actually, I would take some of that snow. We have not had a single snow that completely covered the ground and we are so dry. Enjoy the white stuff.

Unknown said...

Great Sign! Our snow was all gone until yesterday. But, we just received scattered snow showers. I think the storms they were predicting to hit us, skimmed right across Lake Erie and into New York. Sorry about that.

Yesterday would have been my Dad's 92nd birthday. He was a sweetheart and I miss him bunches. Best wishes to your Dad and Shelly.

Turtle said...

looks like good indoor weather!

Jane said...

Awww - how sweet!

smariek said...

Congrats Renna! Happy Birthday to your Dad and to Shelly. You have a nice voice. I could never add a video of myself singing, just wouldn't happen, it would rank up there with American Idol train wrecks! lol.

That's a funny snowman sign.

Claudia said...

LOVE the sign!!!!!! The Oscars bored me for the most part. I just wanted to know who won and then move on! LOL That's a first for me. :)

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