Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday- Contest Day #26- And The DR Says

Well saw the surgeon today, they said everything looks good, weight loss is going well, in fact I LOVE their scale, it was three pounds lower then mine, LOL. They said I can take Tylenol for my temperature and body aches. I did today and slept ALL day.
The car made out worse then me. Apparently the engine bit the dust. Now we need to decide if it's worth buying a used engine to put in it or just give up and try to find an inexpensive used car somewhere. I wish Tylenol would help the car too, LOL
(thanks to Darcy because my brain wasn't thinking at all)
What do you have on your needles (or hook) right now? If nothing what do you wish you had? If you don't knit or crochet then what did you have for dinner, lol? Just Kidding. Post your answer in the comment section to receive todays entry in the February contest. Only a couple days left to get those entries in for the great signs made by Cass.
Well for me this week... this is how my needles look
And these are a couple patterns I pulled from my queue on Ravelry that I wish were on my needles. You can click on the pictures to go to the pattern pages.

I had a crochet picture to put up here too but when I went to the blog where the pattern was it said you couldn't post a picture even if you linked to it, drat. If you are curious you can go to their blog to see it. I want to make it for Adam, why because he loves the "monkey" it's Curious George.
I guess that's about all for me. Just really tired. I can't imagine how I can sleep anymore but I know I will. Hopefully I wake up better tomorrow as it's the day Adam weekend starts. Have a great night everyone, sweet dreams and praying none of you find this flu I did.


Wendy said...

I have too many WIP's, I have the kids afghans, a stole, a scarf, and a washcloth...
Hope you get to feeling better and congrats on the weight loss....

SimplyMe said...

Make sure Angie knows you have the flu...she may not want you giving it to Adam *yeah, right, but, you never know!!!*

OTN/OTH. Nothing's on the hook. I released all previous projects into the finished pile. YIPPEE!!!! OTN........Jeff's sock and Dee's sweater. I have a couple of sweaters I started for myself in years gone by that need to be dug out and frogged. I'm JUST NOT READY yet.

Hang in there, drink as much fluids as you can and ride it out. It will end, not soon enough, I'm sure but it will end.

Hey. What did Dayna know tonight?

Robynn's Ravings said...

Kathy, you have really made some beautiful things! How talented that you even create your own designs. I'm amazed!

Renna said...

Oh my goodness. There's no way I could name all that I have on my needles right now. I am the opposite of a monogamous knitter, LOL.

I guess I can say what I'm working on this week, though. I am knitting a pair of socks for myself, and a bag to be felted. I'm anxious to get both done!

Are you feeling better now? So sorry about the car. :-(

Awesome Mom said...

That is a cute monkey! I have those same heart socks in my queue too.

Claudia said...

The only thing I'm doing right now with my needles is learning to use dpns in hopes of making some socks very soon. It's going pretty well at the moment.

Hope you're feeling better real soon!

Unknown said...

I am making a clapochet. Yes, it's the crochet version of the Clapotis, so I couldn't resist. I will probably be making another cowl or hat soon...who knows? I am a monogamous knitter, so nothing else gets started until the clapochet gets done.

Good luck with the car. Sometimes you just gotta let go....

Hope you feel better soon!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I'm happy that your weight loss is going well!! Hopefully you feel better soon!! I think my car fared out better than yours! my goodness! and I thought I had a legit reason to complain... mine was only the fuel pressure regulator! I hope you can get it fixed for a low cost or find a dependable car for a good price!!

On my needles right now, I have nothing! lol... My my hooks are a different story! I have some happy poo and a Flower Power Rug going at the moment... LOVE IT!! :D

Have a great day!!

Turtle said...

such a cute tank....if only my body resembled the mannequin's! grin

I just cast off one sleeve last night so today sleeve two of the g'day cardigan will begin. Of course there are a few pairs of socks floating around....4 pairs to be exact, some on dpn's and some on two circs. I also have a shawl which has been in the works for 10 months (yikes) it is up to about 600 stitches per row and is a mental challenge for me, so slow going. Off to shower for work!!

teabird said...

I'm actually a project slut - so many projects... the one I'm focussing on this week is a pair of socks. Yes, the ones I stabbed myself with a DPN while knitting. They are now on circs. Much less danger.

Congratulations on the weight loss! My doctors' scales always add weight. I like you doctor better!

Knitnut,Karen said...

Sorry about your car, but I'm glad you got good news at the drs. Congrats for your weight loss! OTN's I have a Little Lamb blanket from Precious Moments, A one piece baby sweater that is ready for the side seams and arms to be sewn, but I don't do that very good and a dish cloth with lace edging.

Jane said...

Get better! Sorry your car can't do the same!
OTN - only a felted bag. But on the stitch holders - a couple of scarves and a sock.

cici said...

hope you are feeling better.. yeah.. if only you could give the car a pill♥ my car is delicate right now.. i just finished my last car note♥ im praying it last me 5 more years

amy-lynne......... said...

love the doctors scale and WTG!!!!.... i wish i could crohcet ... i so want that monkey.... 2010 will be the year i learn to do that... it will take me until then to get all my projects finished... yeah otn... i have a bag, scarf, and i have about 15 things waiting to be started.... hope you get to feeling better and your car too...

smariek said...

That's a lot of crochet hooks! I only have 3. Was reading another blog and learned that March is National Crochet month.

You're doing great with the weight loss. Any chance of getting your doc's scale for home?

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