Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday- Contest Day 2- Did you see that?

So yesterday was the Super Bowl and I am sure many of you were watching. Football is not really my thing, but don't hold that against me, please. I sometimes watch so I can see the commercials. This year I was busy knitting and missed all of them too.
So that leads me to today's CONTEST Focus...
What if anything did you work on during the Super Bowl yesterday? And if you didn't have needles and yarn in hand as you were glued to the game... what was your favorite commercial?
I went searching on the Internet and found this commercial... it's perfect for a KNITTER, it involved SHEEP, lol.
I tried to upload the video for you but it wouldn't work it was the Bridgestone Tire Commercial I guess shown in the 1st quarter.
I by the way knitted a slipper

So leaving a comment will get you another entry in my month long contest. That's really all you are required to do but I would sure love it if you wanted to play along and tell us what you worked on and/or what your favorite commercial was.

On a personal note today I went to the Psychiatrist today for a follow up after surgery. She said I am sane, obviously she got her medical degree on line, LOL.
I also mailed out my Cocoa Swap 2 package to my partner. And amazingly I am 5 days ahead of schedule on that deadline. Whew.
Adam is coming tomorrow after school, his mom has a Dr appt. I like seeing him for a couple hours on a non scheduled day.
Thanks too for the nice comments about the picture yesterday. I honestly almost didn't post it. I thought I looked awful. And yes I have lost a chin or two since summer... I jokingly tell people I have lost 112 pounds of CHIN.
Ok I'll see you all tomorrow, hopefully earlier. On contest months I don't like posting so late at night, so I'll try to get it done earlier if I can.
You all have a wonderful evening, and sweet dreams whenever you go to sleep. I'll see you all tomorrow.


Wendy said...

I hate sports, so I do not watch any of it, even if it is on, but noone watched it...instead I was making blackberry and grape jam, and then working on knitting, I did not get a thing done...I was totally lazy..and I should not have been, my house is trashed, there is TONS of laundry that needs to be folded and put away, since I FINALLY washed it all....and the cyclone kids have totally trashed the living room with toys...
tomorrow both have school, and I think I will clean, then work on Brooke's sweater and knitting needles....

smariek said...

I don't usually watch football or any other sports, but I'll sometimes watch a little tennis. However I did see some of the Superbowl on and off here and there. I liked the Audi commercial, I thought that was clever, kinda reminded me of an old Mercedes commercial.

Renna said...

I'm not a football nut, but I can enjoy a good football game. I have been knitting pretty much around the clock this week, it seems, so I lay down my needles yesterday, and spent the day catching up on blog reading.

I could hear the tv in the adjacent room, and even louder than that, I could hear hubby screaming at said tv. His team did not win. Pity. ;-Þ

smariek said...

forgot to mention that I was knitting a scarf for my SIL

Unknown said...

I recorded the game for hubby as Sunday is his 16 hour day at work. I read blogs and looked at patterns and yarns online and posted in my blog about my contest I'm having and I paid for the prize and got that all taken care of. :) Oh and spent lots of time with my gkids. So it was a good day.

SimplyMe said...

I was working on, what? I don't remember. I was sooooo tired I ended up pacing the house and on and off the computer, the couch, the phone. Scary.

I only watched the first part of the game. Right now I can't remember my fav commercial (but I missed the sheep one) but I know which one I hated the most. As my dad always doesn't matter if they remember the commercial in a good or a bad way, as long as they remember the product.

OH YEAH....mine was the pepsi one with music through the ages, although audi used a similar concept, but they didn't use MUSIC.

leah said...

I didn't watch it either! :) I finished a sock and started a toddler sweater!

Unknown said...

I didn't watch it. I was in bed by 9:15. However, I do enjoy reviewing the commercials and decided that the one I liked was the Budweiser "Fetch" commercial. I did post about your contest on my blog and did a link to my favorite commercial.

I really need to focus on the Cocoa Swap package. My intended project isn't working out as well as I thought it would.

Usually, when I go on a diet the first place I drop weight is in the chest.

112 pounds. Wow! 112 pounds would put in spitting distance of my goal weight AND within ten pounds of what I weighed when I got married. You are an inspiration.

Unknown said...

I did not watch the superbowl. I'll admit that I don't even know who played. I'm not into all the hype of the commercials, either. Oh well, the one you linked to was too funny. I love those eyes at the end. LOL. thanks for the chuckle.

I was sick on Sunday so didn't get too much knitting done. I figured out I can't even knit the most basic lace when I'm down and out. Too bad.

Have a great day!

Maria said...

Ha ha ! That was a great commercial! I love Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! And darn she lost her mouth! ha ha ha! I didn't really watch the commercials, or all of the game. Too busy talking...we went to a friends' house and there were die hard Steelers fans and Die hard Arizona fans there! Oh what excitement! I did not bring my knitting with me....

RoamingKnitter said...

This slipper is sure cute. You are really going to town on the slippers this year!

Once upon a time we had the tv on all the time now we almost never watch tv so commercials are foreign objects to me. I remember the old ones from the 50's - 70's that were so good.

I posted about your contest on Knitting Up the Road blog. Hope lots of people join in the fun.

Natalie Rush said...

I must first say...i saw your contest on Knitty Kitty's blog first. :)

But I knit on my Wedding week Cubbie socks. :) I'm almost done! My favorite commercial were the etrade ones!! Especially the golf one! They rocked!! I knit mostly to keep calm. Kenny was a bundle of nerves!!!

Thanks for a great contest. I'll post up on my blog next post!

Carol said...

What a cute slipper!

sailorcross said...

Well, I've read through the comments,and it looks like most of us knitters don't like sports!! One other thing we have in common!!

I, too, did not watch the game!! What I did do was go to a park and spend a day in solitude--a much needed day alone, doing not too much but meditating on a few things.

All in all, this was a wonderful day, and I'm going to make it a monthly habit--especially as the weather gets warmer!! It was a little chilly out there, but the peace and quiet was a blessing!!


Kenyetta said...

Didn't watch the game, I was at work. Didn't see any of the commercials either-sorry. I will catch up on them online.

Claudia said...

I knitted a snowman as I cried through the Clydesdale commercials. Those are always my favorites!

Pics of the snowman will be coming...maybe tomorrow. :)

Jane said...

I worked on my Noro Shawl for the first half - then went to bed with Agatha Christie. I missed the sheep commercial - I'll have to look that up. I love that slipper - is it going to be felted or is it the right size now?

Anonymous said...

A contest. I love contests. Once the Cocoa Swap is over, maybe I'll be able to join in the fun.

I am getting your package together and think that you will be pleased with it. Did you ever open the other packages (you should have received two)?

Your Cocoa Swap Pal

knitandputt said...

didn't watch the superbowl, I used the time to catch up on all the blogs, but my favorite commercial is the baby with the etrades. I think he is a hoot. maybe I need a grandchild??? please enter me in your contest. thanks

Marti said...

I was working on some mittens although no one watched the game in our house. Brett Keisel grew up 7 miles from where I live and his brother's wife has attended our church for years. That should count for an extra entry doncha think?

elizabeth said...

I finished the knitting portion of a Buddy Bag for my granddaughter. Didn't really watch the game, but I did sit with my husband while he watched. It's good to be together. :)

magnoliasntea said...

Love the slipper!

I don't watch tv, and I don't listen to the news so I guess I'll just go sit in the corner. I do get a lot done though..and just think..I never heard one promise/um..fib before the election or after. Bliss.

Katie O said...

I didn't knit this year.. just enjoyed the game... I like the baby commercials... talking babies crack me up!!

Teresa said...

I got more into football as my daughter got older. Yes my daughter as she was a cheerleader so I went to all the games. She really understands football so spending time with she and my hubby I have learned a little. It was a good game but I was cheering for the Cardinals.
I knit on a burp cloth and a second neck warmer in the Dear pattern. I should have pictures soon.

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