Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday- Contest Day #12- Ever Have A Brain Overload?

Yeah that's how my day felt today. Brain Overload. I had a list as long as this anteaters nose and I think I maybe crossed off two things. I cancelled my sons cell phone and went to my support group. It's midnight now and I just finished trying to catch up on all your blog posts from today.
Oh before I forget, let me say MEATBALL was the answer to yesterday's riddle. I used Meatball since I DID untangle the Spaghetti yarn I showed you a couple days ago, and the Meatball was my newly rolled and untangled ball.
So today since it's LATE and I am tired I'll just ask a simple question... Have you ever knit anything with a Valentine Day theme? What was it? Tell us about it in the comment section and receive another entry in this months contest.
I did dig out my sock, you know the one I have been knitting on since, oh maybe March 2009. {{sigh}} I'd really like to at least finish the first one... is there such a thing as "first sock syndrome?" Tomorrow I hope to post pictures of the Cocoa Swap 2 package I received today. Here is a sneak peak...

And on that note I am going to go to bed. I am exhausted from doing NOTHING. Have a wonderful night and may you all have sweet dreams.


Claudia said...

The only thing I've ever knit for Valentine's Day were those two washcloths I showed in my blog for the Valentine's Day swap I was in. Nothing better than that so far.

I'm boring. LOL

Wendy said...

Yes I use to crochet little hearts to make pins out of and actually little shamrocks for St Patricks day also....GUESS WHAT I learned how to use DP's today...I had an order for a set of 5 10 inches long and size 10....SOOO I had to make me some, I made a set of 4 in size 3 and 8 and still need to stain and wax them, but used them to try out the technique and I did it.....maybe I will have the sock bug soon....

sailorcross said...

Brain overload? That's where I work!! Brain Overload, Inc.!! Probably the reason that I'm so tired when I come home--mental exhaustion!!

I've only ever knit two things for Valentine's Day, and that was--guess???


Hope you get some good sleep and a better day tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Hmmmmm, a red bag to send to a friend as part of a swap . . .

leah said...

never did any Valentine knitting!

Unknown said...

I've knit stuff for Valentine's Day. Dishcloths and bookmarks. I may make a crocheted pillow this year.

And I am so amazed that you started that sock in the future, LOL, and are so far done with it. Must have been brain overload today, LOL.

Get lots of rest!

SimplyMe said...

I love that sock.

I just knit my mom a v-day cloth. Life is good.

Maria said...

Nice sock! Also, cool Cocoa swap gift!!! what else didja get?????

Turtle said...

nope, no vday knitting! I have had those braindead drained nothing days!

Felicia said...

No Valentine's knitting, but I did a small quilt once - with hearts of course!

Jane said...

Hope you had a good night's sleep!
As for Valentine knitting, last year I made my granddaughter an illusion heart scarf - she loved it! I've also made heart patterned dishclothes for Valentine gifts - but this year - I've got nothing!

cici said...

Haven't done any Vday knitting before. Maybe next year.

Katie O said...

I haven't done any vday knitting... well i made a heart dishcloth once, but it was just for me!! :) so I guess I kinda did!! :) Happy v-day!

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