Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday- Contest Day #19- Feet in the Sink???

This is my niece Autumn. Yes she is sitting on the bathroom countertop with her feet in the sink. I just thought it was a great photo so I had to share it with you. She'll probably kill me, but at least I didn't show the one with her face.
Not knitting or craft related... but What is your favorite Birthday dessert? Post your answer in the comment section to receive the entry for today in February's contest.
I ask this question because tonight we went to my nephews house for his wife's birthday. She is 29 today and isn't she BEAUTIFUL?Happy Birthday Helen Anne. By the way I did NOT eat any cake, but I still had fun.
And here is a picture of Robbin, my nephew, and Me taken tonight. Robbin also had WLS one month before me, and now is about 40 pounds or less from GOAL. He looks awesome. Robbin works for the American Red Cross, so I thought I'd just encourage you to donate blood, you never know the life you save might be your own.
Oh by the way, I weighed in today and had another loss. But tomorrow I see the Nutritionist so I want to see if the weight is the same on their scale since their scale is OFFICIAL, lol. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went.
Now it's time to get ready for bed, got a busy morning and Adam is back in town so he will be here sometime tomorrow I think. I sure miss him. Have a great evening, sweet dreams and make tomorrow a great day too.


SimplyMe said...

I'm so glad you went to the party. The both of you look fantastic.

And tell Audi that I used to sit the same way in the bathroom and I miss it. A lot.

Birthday dessert? I don't really have a favorite anymore.

Have you heard from Adam since he's come home? Is Dayna taking you to the doc?

You must be the book of answers, cos I'm sure the book of questions!!!!!

Renna said...

In answer to your question, yes, your nephew's wife is lovely. :-)

So, did you and your nephew have surgery? You both look really good!

Cute pic of your neice. I've caught my daughter in similar positions. ;-Þ

I don't really have a favorite dessert for my birthday, as long as it's got chocolate in it. ;-)

Wendy said...

My favorite Birthday dessert is Homemade Apple Pie......
You all look wonderful............
have a great reunion with little man.....


Katie O said...

In my house growing up we didn't eat much cake... so we always had birthday brownies... mint, caramel, regular... with ice cream.

sailorcross said...

This picture brings back memories of my Lindsay doing the exact same thing!!

My favorite cake is carrot cake, but none of my kids really like cake too much. For their birthdays, we usually have Lemon Lush.

WOW!! Who is that beautiful woman standing next to your nephew?

Looking good!! Today is my "official" weigh-in day at work too--the scale there being more accurate than the one of home. We'll see when I get there. My bathroom scale says it looks good for a loss though!


Unknown said...

I think my favorite birthday dessert would be...frosting. Yep, as long as it had frosting on it, I love it!

You two look great! It's simply amazing the outcome of the surgery!

Knitnut,Karen said...

Wow, does that pic of your neice bring back memories! I use to sit the say way and pluck my eyebrows.
My fave birthday dessert is white cake with chocolate fudge icing. Shouldn't eat it any more, I'm way to heavy for sweets.
You look good in the pic! What kind of surgery did you have?

amy-lynne......... said...

first off let me say that... YA'LL LOOK SOOOO GOOD!!!!... have fun with Adam.... as far as a birthday dessert, i would go with a marble cake w/ no icing... don't like frosting ... weird i know... happy birthday Helen Anne,, a day late

Mary Ann said...

Yes, your nephew's wife is lovely. And you and your nephew look great! Wow, you look so happy and healthy!

Was she sitting in the sink to do her eyebrows? I'd sit on the sink like that to do mine if I could get up there! lol

Congradulations on your unoffical loss! I'm glad you had fun at the party without eating the cake.

My favorite cake is spice cake and my mother used to always make it for me for my birthday. I would love it if I got it for my birthday, even if I only had a small sliver!

RoamingKnitter said...

You and Robbin both look fantastic! And his wife is beautiful.

I do have to ask about the feet in the sink...why was she sitting there? Such a cute picture.

My all-time favorite birthday cake is Italian Cream Cake. I don't turn down German Chocolate or Angel Food, though. LOL

teabird said...

What a lovely photo!

My favorite dessert, wherever and whenever, is hot deep-dish apple crumble and vanilla ice cream. With tea. (Goes without saying.)

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Oh wow! That cake is lovely!! :) My favorite birthday dessert would have to be hoho cake... it's like a ho ho only not in a roll... its flat and definitely ICECREAM!! :D

Unknown said...

Congrats on your continued success!

The pics are grand, as always!

My favorite treat for my birthday is when we go to the local Japanese hibachi house. I'm not a big treat eater but I love hibachi! LOL!

Jane said...

You look ....maaarvelous!

My favorite birthday mother made a special birthday cake that she called 'ice box cake' on our birthdays and it was always served on a special cake plate. It was store bought sponge cake layers, each sliced into thirds and then each layer was spread with heavy cream that had been whipped with Hershey's syrup. Then the whole thing was covered in the chocolate whipped cream. It had to sit overnight in the fridge (ice box) overnight so the chocolate whipped cream soaked into the sponge cake. YUmmmm - I have not had that cake in many many birthdays, but your question brought back that memory.

Unknown said...

ahh she must be tweezing the unibrow. ahahkahahha
Wow you and nephew both are looking very handsome/pretty and very attractive. I love the American Red Cross and wish I could donate blood cuz I so totally would.

Turtle said...

Aw, nice pics! Hey, i've stuck my feet in the sink like that too!

Hmm, fav birthday, thats hard! i love good ole strawberry shortcake with biscuits (not spongecake) and homemade unsweetened whipped cream! (or a big slice of strawberry pie will do as well!)

Claudia said...

I don't do anything special for my birthday anymore, so can't really answer that question.

You look amazing! Keep up the great work!

smariek said...

You look fabulous and you always have a beautiful smile on your face.

Don't really have a favorite bday dessert. I'm not picky, I'll eat them all. ;-)

Teresa said...

You both look terrific.

I have had to do similar poses back when I wore contacts. Until I could do it without looking I had to get that close to the mirror. Then it sort of became a habit.

As for birthday treats as long as there is chocolate something and ice cream it is a birthday celebration.

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