Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday- Conteast Day 3- Building and Over Building, NOT ME!

Ahh the joy's of youth... and the creativity of a young mind. Fun with LEGO's was mine and Adam's afternoon. Yes those eyes are upside down, but Adam liked them that way.
What exactly were we building? I've No clue... at first it looked like a dragon but then it just grew and grew. We used every last Lego in this creature. Does it matter though? He was very pleased with his creation. In fact he was so pleased he had to bring the Lego's home when he left.
This leads me to Tuesdays CONTEST Focus:
If you are on Ravelry I want you to go to your Queue and tell me how many patterns you have stored there. If you are not on Ravelry and you are a knitter or crocheter... SIGN UP, I swear you'll not be sorry. But I digress... If you don't have a queue then tally in your head or find your list and tell me how many patterns you plan on getting done this year, or ever, lol. If you are not a crafter, no worries, just comment on something you would love to have that was homemade, ie: mittens, scarf, hat, purse etc.
All you need to do is comment to get an entry in the contest for the Grand prize of one of the awesome QUOTES Cass has made. There is a picture of a sample in my side bar on the right. You can view all the different ones in her Etsy store. There are non-knitting related quotes too so it's a great gift for anyone. I do hope, however, that you will all take a few minutes and answer the question. It's always fun to see what others have lined up.
As for my QUEUE, it was the building up of the LEGO's that made me think how much my Queue is growing too. I plan on making every one of those patterns someday. My queue is 19 pages long and that currently totals to 558 patterns, and I have to admit I add at least one a day most days. God help me. LOL I just can't delete anything out of there like some people I know (I won't mention names, Shelly)because it's just getting too overwhelming. If I liked it enough to queue it I don't want to forget about it. Out of sight, out of mind right?
This is the dishcloth I finished today, and it completes project 37 for the year so far. I am almost done with the second pink slipper. I should finish it before bed tonight and then tomorrow I will be felting them. Yes Jane, I am felting them, you have created a monster. LOL
Tomorrow I will need to make sure to blog earlier as I have a repeat sleep study sleep over tomorrow to see if I still need the CPAP. I will be gone from 7PM to 7AM. I sure hope they let me knit before they hook me up to all the wires and put the goop in my hair. But it will be so worth it if I am free from this blasted machine finally.
I guess that's about it for me tonight. So I will wish you all sweet dreams and catch you on the new day tomorrow.


SimplyMe said...

girl, it's time you revist all 19 pages of your queue and start sifting the wheat from the chaff!

OR you have next year's challenge...see how many things you can net off the year...ie if you start off with 558 and you knit 400 of them but add 300, then you will have a net loss of 100.

Claudia said...

In my Ravelry queue, I only have 9 patterns. However, I have an email address on the web where I send any and all patterns I hope to make one day. It's easier for me to store them that way. My grand total over there is 955.

Now I began on January 1st of this year grabbing a few of the patterns stored there and I've been knitting them up. I've done 2 wash cloths, the snowman, fingerless gloves and I'm now working on a felted purse. All of the patterns I succeed in making will be taking off that email addy, printed up and put in a 2009 binder. If that doesn't get my butt in gear, nothing will. :D

Love the pictures!!!!! He's such a keeper. :D

Bubblesknits said...

I only have 5 in my queue, but I have 81 in my favorites. I rarely use the queue I guess. lol

(I rather like the eyes like that, too. lol)

Wendy said...

Well I had no idea but now I do, I have 85 queued...and I really ould love to make all of them at some point,both knitted and crocheted...BUT I do not see it in te near future...

Renna said...

Sheesh, and I thought I had lofty goals with 25 in my queue, lol!

Unknown said...

I guess I'm just not an avid knitter any longer. I only have 2 items in my que in Raverly. Wonder why I forget about that???
Hugs Pattsper

Anonymous said...

Adam is just so cute!


sailorcross said...

I only have 19, but then again I don't use the queue option much!! If I find something I THINK I would like to make in the future, I print the pattern immediately.

What has this left me with--tons of paper that need to be organized in categories or SOMETHING???

Sleep away at your sleep study, and if all goes as expected, the CPAP will be over and done with!!

Legos--My kids, especially Andrew, loved Legos. When he was older--even into his teens--he built a space shuttle and a car. But these big ones are what we started with. Aren't Legos great? They use eye to hand coordination and imagination--which kids need more of these days!!


leah said...

I have 132 things in my queue. I don't know if I'll really make all of them and I know I have other things come up, but I have a lifetime to knit :)

Unknown said...

I have ten items in my queue. The funny thing is that in looking at it, I've discovered that I have two identical patterns . . . I guess I should make the silly thing!

Oh, and Cass has so many great quotes, but one of my favorites is:

I Knit So I Don't Kill People
by CassQuotes

oh, no, its:

So Much Yarn, So Few Hiding Places
by CassQuotes

or, maybe its:

Crazy Is a Relative Term in My Family
by CassQuotes

Unknown said...

I have 6 pages totaling 164 patterns. Whoa, I had no idea.

However, I am going to purge, which I have done before. for instance, I don't like scarves anymore. I've discovered the cowl, which I can do infinitely faster and uses way less yarn. But some I'm keeping on there to convert into cowls.

Some I have done, but have no pics of and they are still on my queue...so I'm going to have to make another one.

but all in all, it's pretty accurate. Wow, over 100 patterns, and I find myself knitting stuff NOT on my queue all the time. Yikes!

magnoliasntea said...

Snickers..I have one pattern in my Ravelry queue..lol. I print what I like when I see it.

Anonymous said...

I so wish you luck on your sleep test. I will be thinking of you.

I have 25 items in my queue.


MamaMay said...


i just decimated my queue on there and removed virtually all my patterns (was tired of getting the same neighbors). I have 12 patterns in my queue and the rest is yarns... I really wish I could fav. yarns but it can't happen yet...

In other news I just tagged you!

smariek said...

I love Adam's Lego building. It's so much fun to see what they build, and how their building style changes over time

I only have 4 in my Ravelry queue. Two of them I definitely want to make someday, though I'd need to get a printer first to be able to print out the patterns.

Natalie Rush said...

It's funny you ask because I just reorganized. Right now I have 11...one will be off there in a day or so since I'll be casting on. I only put things that I really plan to knit soon. All else is favorited.

I love the dishcloth!

Katie O said...

i am currently at 164 in the queue but the favorites I use just as much.... almost as many there as the other. :) ha ha

Teresa said...

I only have 45. That is a little sad isn't it? Lots of favorites though and those could be in my queue as well.

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