Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesdsay- Contest Day #25- Contests Abound

So I have been searching around for a new hair style for me as I lose this weight. I swear my hair weighs 10 pounds, LOL. Anyway I went to to try it out. It's free for one picture so go ahead and visit them and have some fun. I am more interested in the cut then the color, what do you think? I may upgrade to the premium version once I have reached my goal so I can really play around it's no nore then $30. Worth it to find the perfect hair style and color for me. If you click on my picture it should take you right to their site.
Well when you are SICK do you find knitting and crafts help you feel better? And what is your fail safe get well food? Just post your answer in the comments section and receive an entry for Wednesday.
Why do I ask this question? Well it appears I have caught the flu. Been running a temperature of about 102 all day and body aches and chills galore. I am supposed to follow up with the surgeon tomorrow morning so hopefully he can prescribe something to help. I even missed church tonight and I HATE to do that. Also NO knitting for me, my arms and shoulders are just too sore. {{sigh}} But I am trying some chicken soup now, first real meal of the day. Maybe it will help.
And now for a few cool contests I found for you. First is the Yarn Dots over on Darcy's Blog... click on her button below to go there and enter.

And then there is another one... Come on now who couldn't use a $50 gift certificate from She didn't have a button to grab but here is the link to her contest. Hurry up her's ends soon, times a wastin'. LOL
Now both these contests and their end dates are also in my side bar as well as many others. I update the side bar as I find them so try to check them out while you are here.
And one last one not sure of the dates yet but first you need to answer a yes or no question about prizes.
Just click on her button and you'll go right to her blog.
OK I guess that's about it for me. Time to roll up in the blankets and fall asleep for the 6th time today. Have a great night everyone, and sweet dreams.


Awesome Mom said...

That hair style would be nice if it did not require a ton of upkeep. It looks to me that your hair tends to the frizzy side (like mine) and if I want my hair sleek and shiny like that I have to either not wash it for a long time or put a ton of product in it. Sometimes I have to do both if it is super humid.

When I am sick I prefer to veg out in front of the tv. Anything that makes me think too much makes it worse.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

OH NO!!! I'm so sorry you are sick!! I hope you feel better soon!! I don't really know if knitting/crocheting makes me feel better when i'm sick or not... I just started doing both in December and haven't been sick yet! lol... My "feel better food" is ice cream though! :) ... You can't ever go wrong with ice cream! I LOVE it! :D

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear you are sick...NOT suppose to do that..I don't want to do anything when I am sick. not even craft, I just want to recline on the couch and doze here and there...with the kids picking on me here and there too..NO comfort food either...would rather just drink some ice cold pop, especially Canada Dry Ginger Ale. or even a hot cup of coffee or tea....
I sure hope you feel better in the morning, and that your appointment goes well..
Big get well Hugs

Robynn's Ravings said...

KATHY!! So THIS is how I'm gonna find out how you did all this. I absolutely LOVE your exercise ticker. I have to look into that. You are an INSPIRATION! Can't WAIT to keep up with you. :)


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Remeber hot baths are soothing and go check out the video on my blog it might not make your flue go away but it will make you laugh.(((Hugging You))))Darcy

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That daily makeover site could be adddictive! I think the new style would be great on you.

Jane said...

I think that hairstyle would you great on you! Sorry you are not feeling well - feel better soon!
If I'm not too sick to sit up knitting does make me feel better - with the flu it's better just to sleep. Comfort foot would have to be chicken noodle soup. I'll send you some. LOL

Unknown said...

I cut my hair last April (lopped about 10 inches off to donate). At the time, it was too short. Right now, it is just about the length of the pic you posted. The top is a little layered and I can play with a curling iron. It is a great length because it is not too long to pull any curls out. I have used really small curlers and larger ones to get a softer effect. It is also long enough that when I go to water aerobics I can ponytail it.

As to what I make when I need to feel better: soup. I use a couple cans of chicken broth (and generally add a little more of chicken soup base), onions, carrots, garlic, noodles and matzo balls. If I have it, I will cube (into bite size pieces) chicken breast or chicken legs. Saute the onions, carrots and garlic. When the onions are beginning to get soft, I add the chicken breast or leg meat to saute. I then add the broth. Prepare the matzo balls (and keep my kids from eating them before the soup is ready). Simmer soup until veggies are soft. Add noodles. Cook until noodles are done. Enjoy. My Mom always swore that it was the chicken but the garlic and onion that cured what ails you.

Hope you feel better soon.

As usual, thank you for the contest links.

Anonymous said...

That haircut looks awesome! Make sure your stylist cuts with your curl so all you have to do is use some product and blowdry. I vote yes to that cut!

I do not like to knit when I am sick. I can't really concentrate and I make stupid mistakes that I can't fix. I usually get my husband to buy me one of those variety puzzle magazines and keep myself entertained with that. I only want ice cold coke or boiling hot tea when I am sick. I don't even want to smell food, even if my stomach isn't upset. All I want is lots to drink.

Turtle said...

i like easy hairstyles like that. Mine is easy to keep up aside from the color...which i may touch up this morning...gotta love red's! I think you should save the 30$ and cut out a few styles from magazines you like then take them to your hairdresser and get their opinion. Cowlicks,hair thickness, etc in your hair can change a style that the computer will not pick up on, and 30$ almost pays for the cut!

When i am ill it depends on what type of not feeling well. My stomach almost always causes me grief(like bad period cramps when i am not due) and those i can knit through. But fever etc, nope...that's when hubby knows i do not feel well! lol

Blessings each day said...

Really enjoyed your very new and just checking the waters for inspirational and knitting/crocheting as a plus, take care of both!

Unknown said...

I like the cut. Makes you look years younger.
Hope you feel better soon. I find that when I'm sick, I don't do anything, just veg in front of the judge shows, sleep, and that's about it.
As far as comfort food: oj and chicken soup (but not together, LOL). Homemade chicken soup, not the canned stuff, though progresso makes a pretty good soup. Or I send hubby to the local chinese place to pick up some sort of clear broth soup.

Katie O said...

if I am loving my knitting then it makes me feel very good. if I am frustrated with my knitting, then it makes me feel worse!!! LOL Hope you feel better soon:)

Knit Purl Gurl said...

{{HUGS}} Hope you are feeling better soon. When I'm sick, I can't knit. My head hurts and it just makes it worse to count and pay attention. I do however crochet because my crochet skills are so darned limited that whipping out crocheted scrubby washcloths for the family is a mindless activity that makes me happy!

My fave go to food when I'm sick? Believe it or not, but I like Jell-O and scrambled eggs. 'HAve no idea why, just do. :D

Renna said...

Oh, I am so sorry you're sick. :-( I got a bad case of the flu last year, and still remember how horrid I felt. I can empathize with you.

I LOVE the picture with the shorter hair. It's so flirty and youthful looking, and it frames your face perfectly. You are cute as a button!

As far back as I can remember in childhood, my mom always made us potato soup when we were sick. I continued the tradition with my own children. To this day, if I get sick, I crave potato soup...and my mom to make it for me. ;-Þ

Claudia said...

I'm so sorry you're sick now. Sounds like what I had. Chicken soup does it for me. And water. And tons of sleep. I love my bed. :)

The hairdo is cute! My hair was longer than yours two months ago when I decided that I needed a change too. I got it cut up to my shoulders and since my hair is naturally wavy, I sort of let it do it's thing. I love it! Not a lot of work to keep it and I can still play with it a lot.

hakucho said...

I love the new hairstyle!! That's an awesome way to try it out :)

You'll know I'm sick, because you won't find me knitting! I don't have a get well food that works, but I swear by coldeze(walmart brand) for colds.

Feel better real soon, hugs :)

Kenyetta said...

I love the cut!
Hot tea with honey and lemon (and sometimes a little brandy) always makes me feel better.

Teresa said...

I am so sorry to hear you are sick. I hope by now you are feeling better.
The hair style looks nice though I am not good at all at knowing what is right for a person. Thank goodness my sister is a stylist. She does the best she can with me. LOL
Often if I am really sick I can't seem to knit at all, even brainless knitting. I will pick it up and hold it in my hands but just can't seem to knit. I have pretty much broken myself of the soda habit but that always seemed to be what I wanted, an ice cold Coke. I think the burn felt good if I was feverish or had a sore throat.

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