Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday- CONTEST Day #28- You Are My Sunshine

Yeah I am not the best at homemade photo shop, aka paint... but it was a rush job as Adam was leaving to go home and I wanted him to take it home for his momma.
Did you like me having just a question each day this time around or if you were around last year did you like the different themed days I had on contest months? I am just curious because it will help me decide which way to go maybe on April Fools Day when the next contest starts. Post your answer in the comment section for your final entry in this months contest.
If you weren't around for any contests last year look in my archives on any month that had 31 days except December. Now maybe I will do something entirely different but you never know. heck I NEVER know.
Golly yesterday it was 43 degrees out and today it feels like 43 below, burrr. No wonder I keep getting sick.
So sad to say but I still didn't knit today. I took out the half finished first sock I started over a year ago and before I knew it I had Frogged the whole thing. I mean really, I have looked at this every day for two months now and not attempted even a stitch. I am never gonna do it. Of course I now realize that I joined that "get er done" challenge (it's in the side bar) and this was my challenge and well now it's for sure not getting done. Oh well.
Adam and I played games on the WII for about 3 hours today. I think he got worn out because he asked to go home. He never does that. No really his mom is pregnant again and I think he just wanted to be close. She's not due for a few months but Adam doesn't understand that. So guess I am on my own at church tomorrow.
Not much else to talk about today, it's been emotional for sure. A little unsettling but nothing I should be surprised at. last year my motto and direct prayer to God was to "Bring It On" so why should I be surprised that it's HERE???
Have a wonderful night, and sweet dreams. Tomorrow I will announce the remaining winners and then start planning the April fun.


Claudia said...

Love Adam's pic! :)

I enjoy the questions. Sorry that I don't always have a good answer for you, but I do enjoy them. :)

Wendy said...

I like the contests both ways....It was fun to have a theme, but also "peaceful" to just have a question...
I entered the stole in the "get er done", and have not touvhed it since I entered it. I guess I better get busy, but have and afghan to put together for a friend who lost her husband, before Christmas, from Brain cancer...I wanted to have it done and in the mail by this weekend, BUT did not get the last of the squares til Thursday...
Hope things look up...

SimplyMe said...

Mix it up. I say stick to the questions until you run out. Then do themed days for a week, a month, a season. flip around, don't stress yourself so much. really. It's all good.

You are fine, your sunshine is fine and I have a feeling that something amazing is going to happen tomorrow at church. don't fret, you'll be able to get up.

love ya

the nutball

Unknown said...

I like how you have it going now.
So glad that you are feeling better and can take tylenol. And I'll pray that God leads you in your decision about the car.
I slept all day today, not sick just been so sleepy. hubby and his friend and our son in law played Wii with the kids tonight and I went back to bed and slept some more. now I'm up at 1:41 am and can't sleep. lol wonder why???
I really enjoy reading your blog.
hugs Patt

vickie said...

i love the comments and the questions they are both great vbarton24at gmail dot com

Knitnut,Karen said...

I liked having a question, but you could always mix it up!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

aww!! I love adam's pic... very cute! Good job! :) I liked having the questions.. some of them made me think about stuff I hadn't thought about! :D

Unknown said...

Love the pic. I can see how Adam is attached to his mom now especially if she's having another baby. He might be worried that he will be replaced. Maybe somebody should explain to him some more....

I like your daily questions better. The themed days were nice, but you can do that around daily questions, too.

Hope you get better soon!

Teresa said...

I enjoyed this month very much but nothing ever stays the same. Mix it up, do something fun and new each year, go back to something comfortable. Whatever, it is just fun.
Glad you are feeling better. I need to get in some Wii today.
I look forward to seeing who the winner is and of course seeing all your projects over the coming year.

Maria said...

Adam's pic is cute!! You always come up with gobs of ideas! I say do whatever you feel.....I liked both kinds of questions, actually,maybe I liked the questions as of late better...

Turtle said...

i enjoyed both! (but then i'm very easygoing!)

Renna said...

I must be dense, but I couldn't locate your archives to check last year's contests, and I hadn't yet discovered your blog (I don't think).

I probably wouldn't have been able to decide anyway, as I can never make decisions! ;-Þ

smariek said...

Cute picture. Stay warm.

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