Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday- Contest Day # 17- Take One

Back side viewFront side viewAnd the complete view Yep this was the project I made yesterday. It's actually 2 dishcloths sewn together. The backside view I just made up myself, I am sure there is probably a pattern like it out there so it is NOT an original design. All I did was knit a border the same as the leaf cloth, and then made a 4 space on the sides and the bottom and top, and just garter stitch in the middle. Easy smeasy huh?
The Maple leaf pattern came from here. But I wanted to do the leaf part in a contrasting color so I adapted the pattern to allow me to do this. This is also the reason the cloth is double sided, too much of a mess on the back side to stand alone if you catch my drift.
I made another project yesterday too but I haven't posted that yet either, AND hopefully I can reveal the Mystery Knit from a few days ago soon too. You know the Pink and Green something I teased you with???
Tuesdays Contest Focus-
Some of you might remembeer I have set a goal to knit or crochet 365 items this year. Yeah, I mean to meet this goal too. So my question today is: How many ITEMS have you finished so far this year? (**Note a pair of socks counts as 2) Post your answer in the comment section for today's entry in February's contest. Don't fret if you haven't made anything yet do far... any comment qualifies you so jump right on in, OK?
I am happy to report I am RIGHT on TRACK so far. According to my list I have finished 48 items... that's 31 for January and 17 so far for February. Can't get any closer then that can ya?
Got the news on my car trouble. It looks like the fuel pump died. So I won;t have a car until at least Sunday maybe longer depending on if I can find the part for a lower price or not. it's always something but I am just thankful that it happened when it did and not when I would be stranded at the hospital alone after my follow up DR appt this week.
One of the DR's from the hospital took a liking to me when i was doing all the pre-surgery admitting stuff and she calls me weekly to see how I am doing, she told me there is a shuttle from the hospital to were my DR is now and the shuttle is free, so I will be able to take the bus to the hospital and then the shuttle to the DR and not have to worry about not having the car. See how good God is?
Oh and the fact that I can WALK to the bus stop is a HUGE testimony too, couldn't have done that 6 months ago.
I guess that's it for today. Tomorrow I MUST knit something to stay on schedule, so i need my beauty sleep. You get some sleep too, sweet dreams everyone.


Renna said...

Praise God, the transportation issue sounds like His hand at work!

I've done little knitting since the beginning of the year. Two pair of fingerless mitts would count as 4 things, I guess; plus three neckwarmers brings the total to 7. I have several WIP's that are nearly done. I need to get them finished!

Wendy said...

I think I have done 46, but it may be more...of course that is not including all the knitting needles I have made....Maybe I should keep track...not just in pictures, that is what I do, take pictures of everything I make, but of course some are on the desktop and not this laptop, so that is why it could be more....
Sorry to hear about the car...Hope you can find the part nice and cheap...HUGS

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Isn't wonderful to know that God is always with us?! :D makes me feel warm and fuzzy!! So far i believe i have made 4 projectss... 1) asl knit square, 2) textured crochet dishcloth, 3) fuzzy heart knit pillow, and 4) a crocheted bookmark, same texture as the dishcloth for a RAK that i am sending out tomorrow!! so excited!! :) Wendy, I take pictures of all my projects too! haha... not just the final product but the beginning and journey through the project! :D

Claudia said...

I think I've made 9 things so far, but I really have no idea. I have a book in the other room with all the patterns, but I'm getting ready for bed and I'm too lazy and tired to go get it. :D

Congratulations on being able to walk to the bus stop! Wish I could do that. ugh...

smariek said...

I think you're on your way to outwalking the rest of us! Car trouble is never good, although you are fortunate in finding a free shuttle to the doc's office.

Lessee, 3 1/2 pairs of mitts plus 1 pair of socks = 9

sailorcross said...

Oh, I haven't COMPLETED that many so far this year!! Maybe 5? But, as soon as everything is moved and settled, I'll be getting back on track.

God is so good--look at the transportation He provided for you!! And your ticker--WOW!! You are really counting down the pounds!!

Congratulations, Kathy!! And I love this double-sided cloth--could use that for a hot pad, don't you think?

Unknown said...

God always provides, sometimes not the way we want :)
My car if fixed. Yay!! Cost a bit more than expected, but now I don't have to walk miles to the store.

So for FO's this year:
24 dishcloths, 12 hats, a pair of mittens, 2.5 pair of socks, a hand towel. So I guess I have 41? Wow, I've made a lot of stuff so far!

Unknown said...


See, it is a grand thing! And, while you won't be able to go many places, you can get to the DR.

It is great that the DR took an interest in you and has been in contact.

And you can walk. Very nice.

I finished only one project (ummm, that would be the bag I sent you . . . LOL). I am still working on Lindsey's scarf but will be finished by this weekend. I have several things on the needles.

RoamingKnitter said...

Cute intarsia cloth, love the colors for the leaf. Also like the backing cloth. Easy way to get a good, finished look.

Good news that you've got transportation to the dr's, even without your own wheels. God does provide.

Jane said...

As you know I was not as ambitious and you and only challenged myself to one project a week - 52 in 52. So far after 7 weeks I have 14 projects done so I'm ahead of the game. And, yes, am counting pairs as 2.
Hope you get your car back soon - I'm glad you found out about the bus and can get to your doctor appointment.

Knitnut,Karen said...

I got one sock done. I have several OTN projects, but none finished yet.

SimplyMe said...

I'm at 46 or 47, but I didn't want to go back and recount to be sure...so that means it's midnight Sunday night, Feb 15 to 16th, right? Bwhahahahaha. My current project is a sweater. I'd better make some small stuff so I can offset the damage before I get sad and give up!!


Georgi said...

You are doing so well health wise, what a change 6 months and preserverance can make! I have made a whole 7 things so far this year.

Kenyetta said...

This year I have finished maybe 4 or 5! Wow!
I am so proud of you! I love the dishcloth!

Teresa said...

I believe I have finished 8 items so far. That is pretty good for me. I think I had better get back to blogging about all this finished stuff or no one will believe me.

Katie O said...

I have finished 3... not much... and not real big, but it's a slow start to a great year!!!

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