Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday- Contest Day 5- All Wired Up...

Ahh the comfort of the sleep study clinic... This was my bed for the night. I love that the sheets and pillowcases were PINK. LOLThese are the CPAP machines and the machines they hook me up to to tell when I am dreamimg and sleeping etc. They never used the CPAP at all. Which normally would be a good thing, BUT...Before bed I sat in this chair and the nurse (Melissa was her name) drew lines on my head with a colored crayon pencil, then with this ucky goop attached all these wires to my face, head and legs.Here is a close up of the panel. If I had to use the bathroom or anything I needed to carry this panel with me. I did not get up, it's just easier to wait until morning, you know?Well it was looking good for me to get off the CPAP last night. I went in for what they called a split study. The first half of the night was without any machines, and if I had no incidents then we know I am free from the machine. But if I had an incident within the first 2 hours, they would then wake me up hook me to the CPAP and then find the right pressure level for me to sleep safely. They put me to bed at 11PM and at 3AM I was still incident free... BUT then it happened. Bad news, it was too late to hook me up to the machine to determine pressure levels so I am going to have to go back again. Good news though, the nurse said it looks like maybe I will need a level of maybe 6, right now I am at a 14, and at this rate before the end of the year I should be CPAP free.
And lastly this is what I worked on while I was waiting. Another mystery knitting project. Can't tell you what this is either, but it does go sort of with the mystery picture from yesterday. I'll reveal it all soon enough, can you stand the suspense?

I think today's contest focus will be a quick question... I am a little tired today, didn't sleep too great last night, I think I was just a little wired up lol, wonder why?
OK... How many hours a day to you get to spend knitting or crocheting? Do you wish it could be more? Is it more or less then you used to do?
Just post your answer to this question in the comment section... or just simply comment to get another entry in this Months contest.
Gosh my eyes are just closing, I think I best get myself to sleep. Adam comes tomorrow and I am gloing to need my energy for sure.
You all have a great night and sweet dreams.


Wendy said...

Sorry to hear that you have to go back and still use the machine...
I get to usually crochet about 5 hours out of the day, that is on a day that we are not running errands and the kids are cooperating...So I would say on average I get to do that about 4 days out of 7....
Hope you get some good sleep....
Big Hugs

SimplyMe said...


I wanted a picture of your hair *grin*

Jalepenos burn the lips!!!

So tomorrow's knit guess picture is of a glass of water.

C'mon. You KNOW Im right!

SimplyMe said...

Not enough.....on average, a couple to three.


It's good for you.

Renna said...

Ugh, with my bladder, I'd never be able to make it through the night. I'd sure hate to have to drag all that mess to the toilet with me!

Um...are you making felted pea pods? :-o

Claudia said...

I could knit all day long if I wanted to, but my hands have been going numb lately, so I need to back off a little bit. Looks like my new plan for the new year is backfiring on me a little bit. Today I knitted for about an hour all together. :)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I think you are doing grass
That probably sounds all
I usually because of having 2 toddlers and working nights only one day a week to knit but since Iam on bedrest I have a couple hours a day right now:)Hope all the studies prove to be very revealing and helpful.(((Hugs)))Darcy

sailorcross said...

The good news here is that your pressure use has gone down!! And your weight continues to go down (I see it has!!) your need for this will get less and less!! So congratulations are in order!

Let's see--they look like half of a pea pod to me!!

Knitting--I wish I could do more but work gets in my way every day!! Oh, if I didn't have to work--but I do until Prince Charming comes along to rescue me from this prison!!

So, right now I try to knit some every morning before work and every evening after work--couldn't tell you hour wise--I'll have to keep track and figure that out because now you have me interested in finding out!!


Unknown said...

What I found amazing was that I slept well with all that stuff attached. I thought that I would never be able to sleep. Hah!

I only get to spend an hour or so a day knitting. Or, in some cases, like yesterday, I had several sets of drops put in my eyes and was just to blurry. I knit about three rows and then decided that I just couldn't handle it.

It is just about the amount that I do. It depends on the day of the week and what is going on. For example, I can knit while my son is swimming and before swim meets but not during swim meets. I can knit at lunch with friends, as long as it is just straight knitting. I usually get the most time knitting in the evening.

I used to knit more when I rode the bus but too many people are taking the bus now so it makes it difficult to do it.

Jane said...

I hope that you will soon be CRAP free - we all need a little less crap in our lives!
I would guess that I average a couple hours a day knitting - although on weekends it is usually more. As for the mystery knit - some kind of flower?

ACraftyKnitter said...

That's a really hard question to answer! I'm a college student, so it all depends on what I have due. I'll work on some nice easy stocking stitch while I'm doing reading for my classes, and get hours worth it- but if I have papers due, unfortunately, I have not yet managed to grow extra hands enabling me to type and knit at the same time.

leah said...

Okay...that didn't sound like fun! I knit maybe 3 hours a day...more on Saturday :)

Unknown said...

Wow, that's a lot of wires! No wonder you didn't get good sleep.

I wish there was time in the day to do everything! I knit from around 8 pm until 11 pm (Primetime!) each evening. This isn't straight knitting, but getting up, checking e-mail etc. It is the longest stretch of uninterrupted knitting time I get. And I knit a little during the day. I think it's enough. I'd have more time if I didn't spend so much of it online!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be able to sleep being so wired.

Very interesting knitting.

Have a good weekend.

Your Cocoa Swap Pal

Turtle said...

yikes on all the wires!

i get about 2-3 a day on average, wish i could more though!

Marissa said...

I knit about 3 hours a day. I reeeeally wish it were more. Darn kids. And work.

Anonymous said...

Yikes those machines sound creepy.
I guess that your mystery knittng is.... flowery :)

smariek said...

My friend did one of those sleep studies and she told me about the wires, but I had no idea that there were THAT many wires!

I never get enough knitting time and could always use more. I only get to knit after DD goes to bed, and by that time I'm a bit tired.

Teresa said...

1 - 1.5 hours per day on a normal day. I would love to be able to do more but unless we are on a road trip, a hospital waiting room, etc. that is about all I can squeeze in.

Teresa said...

I'm sorry to hear you still have to wear the CPAP but your numbers are so much better. You will get there.

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