Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday- Contest Day #21- Get Er Done

Adam is HOME. And here to greet him was a NEW puppy, named Darling. At least that's what the tag says. Doesn't Adam look older all of a sudden? Gone only a week and he grew up on me.
Have you ever joined or ordered something knowing full well you might NEVER participate in what you signed up for? It doesn't have to be knitting related, it could be a gym, or a club or whatever. Post your answer in the comment section to receive today's entry in February's contest. As usual any comment will still get you an entry so don't let the question discourage you from commenting, OK?
I ask this question today because I received another package in the mail today from get a sock pattern and the yarn to make the sock every other month. This is my fourth shipment... take a guess how many of these socks I have actually made so far... go ahead I'll give you a minute or two. Need more time? I'll wait. LOL... yep you got it ZERO. I gave one of the kits away, and still have three here waiting for me to Get Er Done.
So that brings me to this... Another pretty COOL contest I discovered today
There is a picture of the HUGE prize on the blog, just click on the picture to go there. You have until March 16th so maybe even I can "Get Er Done" by then {{sigh}}
On a good note though I DID actually knit a dishcloth today and started a second. I can't show pictures until next week though since they will be a KAL on my yahoo group starting Monday, I don't want to give it away in case they are reading the blog too.
Adam just fell asleep. We have a pull up on tonight. He woke up dry this morning but had a bad bathroom day today and I worry in his sleep tonight it might get bad again. Better safe then sorry I guess.
So I guess I'll follow, we have an early day tomorrow with church and we are supposed to get snow too, OH BOY. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, and have a great night.
Sweet Dreams everyone, AK


Renna said...

I've never signed up for anything I knew I wouldn't do, but I have signed up for a lot of things I knew I probably shouldn't have, and ended up not getting them done. A LOT! ;-Þ

Your little Adam is a cutie. :-)

SimplyMe said...

I'm real good at getting a strong start. FINISHING is not my thing. But I always MEAN well. I'm guessing just about every nascar ww challenge would be a good one to list.

I like that contest idea. I'll dig around, but I just might have gotten rid of everything...although I could use the yarn I dyed last summer that is now all of a half of a sock.... I donno.

Hey, the more sock stuff you order and don't use is all the good for contest prizes or me really really puppy dog eyeing you!!!

Wendy said...

I am sitting here laughing at Shelly's comment...Puppy dog eyeing you.....Yes I do have to say that I have signed up or gotten stuff that I have not done, not that I do not have a good intention on doing it, but seems to not happen, A LOT....

leah said...

I think Shelly hit it right on! As for your question...I try really hard not to do this....I used to buy clothes because the price was right and then hardly wore them. Now I think hard before purchasing. Well there was that gym membership....somehow I thought spending the money would help motivate me....nice thought!

Knitnut,Karen said...

On Ravelry,I joined a local group, "Knit&Hike" group. I thought they would take casual walks,then go somewhere and knit. Theses women are die-hards. In the dead of winter 18 degrees, their hiking 3-5 miles! Too cold for me!

Unknown said...

Hmm, yeah I've joined stuff with the best intentions. I almost joined a sock group then I thought, what the heck, I will NEVER finish them. I spent the yarn money on more immediate things, LOL.
Hope you have a good day. You can have the snow. It's been blowing and snowing here all night. Sigh, When will it be spring?

Teresa said...

I don't think I have ever joined something knowing I wouldn't participate if it affected someone else. I join quite a few Ravelry and Yahoo type groups to see if they are truly of interest. Sometimes I stay, sometimes I leave. Since I am a process not product type person this fits my personality.

Jane said...

That would have to be the Mystery Shawl KAL I signed up for - I ordered the lace yarn, the beads, beading needle, some magnetic strips to help keep my place - but I think I knew all along I'd never 'get it done'.
More snow for us tonight too - we may just get an extended vacation!

Claudia said...

I've joined a swap or two with the best intentions, only to have my health get in the way. I always get it done eventually, but it's horrible for the people waiting on the other side, so I've stopped swaps for the time being until my health decides to be good again.

Turtle said...

Nope, never anything that i knew i would not do....i do admit to having signed up for the STR for 2009 even though i am still on sock number 3 from 2008, fell behind on the toe up sock.

RoamingKnitter said...

Yep, I have joined or bought something with all good intentions of participating or wearing/using the item, then never got it done or worn enough to justify the cost. I've been good lately, though. My biggest downfall right now is that I brought way too many "nice" clothes in our motorhome and don't have occasions to wear them. Jeans, shorts and tees are the fashion of the day.

smariek said...

Haven't signed up for the gym cuz I know I'd never go. Also don't sign up for knitting clubs cuz I prolly won't have time to keep up (things move slowly here).

I think you'd have incentive to knit your socks... that would knock off 2 items on your knit 365 items list. :-)

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