Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday- Maybe I should have stayed in bed

Ok no contest yet. I am just not quite up to it.

Another day gone and no knitting or crocheting.

My can opener broke today. And I almost cut off a finger stabbing the can with a bottle opener to get it open.

My back scratchers have disappeared. I have four of them, come on now where can they be?

Maybe I should have stayed in bed.

But life is not all bad... there is good, sometimes hidden but it's there.

I ate refried beans today and didn't feel sick afterward.

I was able to change the sheets on my bed all by myself today.

I talked to a friend I have known since I was 18 today.

Besides staying in bed gets boring, right?

I think I'll turn on some happy music (ie: Christmas) and smile myself into sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day. Gods mercy and grace will greet me there. Now that's something to look forward to.

Sweet dreams



SimplyMe said...


My dad had foot surgery today.

He scheduled 12 hrs worth of budget meetings @ his condo for tomorrow.


Where's the logic?

That's my theme and I'm sticking to it.

I for one and glad you got out of bed today. it's be OH so entertaining.

why not.

sailorcross said...

Staying in bed is boring!!! I can fully attest to that since I did that one time for three months straight--was I depressed? Yes, I was!! Thank God for my youngest who literally pulled the covers off me and dragged me out of there!!

I am glad you got out of bed--one step at a time, Kathy--remember those baby steps?

Whether you think so or not, you're still recuperating from surgery!! Give yourself a little more time!! It takes time just to get all the anesthesia out of your system!!

And, remember--I'm here--you know where I am--


Wendy said...

No staying in bed allowed....I can not let myself do it, no matter how many mornings I really do not feel like getting out from under the covers...BUT it just takes a glimpse of the smiles of the kids, that drag me out and start yet another day...Take care of yourself my friend.....

magnoliasntea said...

I've had enough surgeries to put several doctors in Fortune 500 so I know the emotional roller coaster that accompanies. Take your vitamins, Ma'am! They make a world of difference for me and may possibly for you. Hope you are much better today. :) The contest can wait..and it may take a load off your mind to do that another time. Keepin' you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

*HUGS* staying in bed is never good unless it's a one time thing- with christmas movies and cocoa.... but not normally...

Cinders said...

I hope you soon recover and allow yourself to rest and get better. I like a lie in but not staying in bed.

Claudia said...

Sorry I haven't been here more to visit, but wow!!!!! You're making progress!!!!! Even eating!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!


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