Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday- My Closet Explained, LOL

Some of you commented yesterday that you would have left the clothes on the floor. Well that would have been impossible, and here's why?


My closet is really just a spot off the kitchen, inbetween the living room and bathroom. Here is a view from the wood stove in the livingroom facing the bathroom

This is the view from the bathroom facing the woodstove in the living room. As you can see there isn't much space to walk through even when the clothes  aren't on the floor, LOL

Lastly here is the view from the kitchen facing the rod. See how it is bent down. It's only a matter fo time before it falls yet again. {{{sigh}}}

Now my husband is a carpenter by trade. I have asked him a zillion times to put a support in the middle so this doesn't happen. By the time he finally gets around to it, I will have moved back upstairs into the actual bedroom and my clothes will follow me, LOL. Until then I just walk carefully anytime I need to go past this spot.


Adam opened the rest of his presents today. He got a musical instrument set... yep drums, tamborine, kazoo, maraccas a flute and those clicker things, can't think of what they are called. I didn't buy it, my wonderful niece Hannah did. LOL. It was a noisy day around here.


I brought him home tonight, I need to re-coup from the weekend. Tomorrow I might run to the Y and swim, but after that I am resting the whole day. I seem to have a cold thing going on, I might need an antibotic. If I am still like this tomorrow I will call the DR.


Haven't touched yarn or needles in days. Just not feeling like making anything yet. I have a few UFO's that maybe I'd like to get finished, and I was thinking about maybe working on a counted cross stitch, something new. I just don't know.


Well I have babbled enough I guess, I think I'll watch some TV and then hit the hay.


Good night friends, Sweet Dreams



SimplyMe said...

You goob!!!!!! What a day. I bet you have a headache. I sure would!!!

It's been a BUSY day. And that's considering where I am. *sigh* Tomorrow may be more so. I think I am taking my dad's car to get inspected, etc.

I'll keep praying if you will!!!

Jeff is still here and the football game is still on. Maybe I can bring brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring ring if it ends before too long.

Enjoy your day of rest. It sounds WONDERFUL!!!


sailorcross said...

Someone at my work received one of those music sets last year for Christmas from a co-worker!! We all took an instrument and marched around the office (of course, this was during lunch--we couldn't do this with patients there!). We had a grand 'ole time!!

So, I'll bet Adam had a wonderful time with his musical instruments, too!

A day of rest--that's what I need today--a day of rest. But, no can do!!

Off to work--there are people off for vacation and we're working short staffed and some of us (not me, of course!) are short tempered as well.

Makes for a lovely day!!

Hope yours is peaceful and quiet!!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Husbands! Sheesh! At the rate you're going you will be upstairs in your bedroom again before you know it! :-) What a great day that will be!

Hugs, you need to rest... maybe you should skip the pool workout and give your body a day of rest!

Unknown said...

Do you think if you started putting the support up yourself he would jump in and help? I've had to do that a few times, with much grumbling or a miserably failed attempt for my hubby to get the idea I wanted it done NOW!
And if it was me, my clothes would still be all over the floor, LOL. Maybe I'm passive aggressive.
I hope you're feeling better soon.
I did not make any gifts this year, but I did a ton of knitting in the past week or so. I'm slightly burned out. I don't feel like working on anything. I need to find a new craft LOL.

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

At least you have some space somewhere for your clothes. In our closet my half has a 42 inch flat tv and the other half is mine and hubbys clothes. In the spare bedroom half of the closet is a computer and desk and other half is hubbys shirts.

smariek said...

I don't blame you for not touching the needles. After all that last minute Christmas knitting, I want to take it easy for a change! Well, just for a little while. My hands don't like being too idle either, lol.

magnoliasntea said...

Oh ho, you're not the only one with bent closet rods..Goodman is slooowly replacing ours. Very slowly. ;)

Happy New Year, Kathy!!

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