Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday- What else could happen?

So yesterday started out pretty good. I went to the pool swam another 45 laps.

Found the traffic court and cleared that parking ticket.

Then I came home, and got sick. Yep nothing I ate or drank stayed down. Not a good day on the nutrition front. I did later on get in a cup of turkey chili and a sugar free jello, so it wasn't a total wash out.

On another good note we made it to the eye glasses place (husband came home early) and we ordered our glasses. It cost me out of pocket $128.00 total for a pair of glasses for each of us ($64 each). Not too bad, huh? We might have them by Christmas or New Years. Not sure if I am gonna like bifocals but I'll try them. They said if I can't tolerate them they will get me a new set without. No charge.

Now before we left for the eye glasses place (what are they called anyway?) I wanted to quickly check the balance in my checkbook just in case we had to pay more out of pocket. Imagine my SHOCK when I saw several amounts taken from my checking account to PAYPAL. I haven't used PAYPAL all month. No time to investigate we were headed out the door.

I came home and went right to it... $300.00 in purchases made by who??? Mostly to ITUNES and a $70+ purchase to Barnes and Noble. {{{sigh}}} Of course I am covered by PAYPAL for fraudulent charges BUT it takes 7 to 10 days for them to investigate. I will be refunded, but that doesn't stop my checking account from looking bleak and this close to Christmas too. Oh well, God will provide, He always does.

Then last night I am blogging and watching the end of Biggest Loser (which I haven't seen yet) talking to Shelly on the phone and **POOF** our power goes out. Yeah Tuesday was just a BANNER day, LOL

Now it's Wednesday, the power is back on but we have 6" of snow on the ground and the roads are a mess with multiple accidents. My youngest son made it home from work this morning, and my oldest and my husband are driving in it now on their way to work. I hate winter driving. It comes from 25 years working in the Insurance industry. I've seen what happens first hand in winter accidents.

I am grounded today, husband took the car cause it's better in the snow then his truck. So I think I will spend most of today knitting. I need to relax a little. But first I need to tackle the dishes, they multiplied when I wasn't looking.

Wish my finances would do that. LOL

Here's a little funny cartoon I got in an email this week. It's my favorite so far this year.

Have a wonderful day. Find the humor in your troubles. And remember if you ever feel like No One likes you... remember God LOVES you, and me. Even if we are a fruitcake.



Unknown said...

I thought I would hate my bifocals. Loved them. It really didn't take long to adjust. I also wear computer glasses.

And I just went on about how good paypal is. Actually, it is because it does make you whole. And, it really good at tracking the fraud and prosecuting.

I hate driving in the snow. We had a winter weather advisory that was supposed to make this morning's driving hideous. I hopped out of bed and peeked. No snow. No rain. No ice. I'm happy. The kids aren't.

Enjoy your day relaxing.

Unknown said...

One of those days, huh? I'm glad you are looking for the positives and keeping up beat. There is too much trouble and sadness in the world and it's such a hard thing to do.
A guy got killed a few days ago because of the slick roads. Hit the median guardrail a few times then got plowed by a semi. Tragic.
Make sure you stay on paypal. I'm glad you caught it in time! Mine's linked to my credit card so I'm not so worried, but still.
Have a great day!!

teabird said...

I know I'm not the only person in the world who loves fruitcake...

Anonymous said...

GAH! Sorry to hear about the PayPal charges. But it's better than fraud charges on your credit card. Those take 3-6 weeks to investigate so PayPal is on top of things. It happened to me while I was in England last year, my account manager knew I was in England and they flagged a ton of $100+ purchases in Canada and froze my card. Fortunately I didn't need to prove very much because everyone could vouch for my whereabouts. Over $1,000 in fraudulent charges though. Didn't have to pay a cent. Good luck with sorting out PayPal!

SimplyMe said...

Can you believe that I can't release your blog posts? I tried and eveything.


Life's so imperfect!!!

love ya

Claudia said...

That's so scary about PayPal! I need to go check my account now. And the fruitcake reference is so funny. I used to have a penpal out in Oregon and every year she would bake fruitcakes and send one to me. And it was always delicious!!!!!

I hope today is much better! *hugs*

sailorcross said...

Well, I hope your day today is better than yesterday--that's for sure!!

And by the way, I am one of the few people who will admit to liking fruitcake!!

I hope you're feeling better and able to keep some nutrition in your tummy today.

How are the bifocals going? And, I want to tell you--you got a real bargain on those glasses--my last ones cost me over $400--of course, they are progressive lenses--three in one--and I still have problems with them sometimes. But, the eye doctor says everything is fine with them, so I guess it must be me!!

Eye glass place--optician. The doctor who examines your eyes--optometrist. And then, if you have really bad eyes like I do, you go to an ophthalmologist. That's where I've been going since I was six years old. Think I would be used to it by this time, but I'm not!!

Love ya',


And by the way, I'm thankful for you, too!!

Turtle said...

that so sucks about the paypal bit! good luck on that!

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