Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday- Merry Christmas Eve, 20th Year Anniversary

Adam made it over today for a few hours. He had to leave to go to his uncle's house so missed our annual Christmas Eve play. He was supposed to be there but there was a sudden change in plans. We let him open the gifts we bought him while he was here. This is the Helmet Hero from playskool that we bought him. He liked the steering wheel and the lights and sounds more then he liked wearing the helmet. LOL
This is a plaque that all the grandchildren (well the older grand children) had made for my mother. They started doing this play in 1989 so this was the 20th consecutive year. I think the older kids might be retiring after this year. They are after all, 26, 24 and 23 years old. That means Autumn, Hannah, Colin and Adam will be the future of the Christmas Eve play.

This is my mom with all her grandchildren. Jim (my son) is in the back on the left. He played as a special treat Mrs Santa again this year. He stopped once he was too manly to pull it off. He has really hairy legs, LOL. Next to him is Chuck (Chuck the Duck) With the red reindeer nose. Next to Chuck is "Joe the Toe" Joe is also my son. He is also a reindeer. Robbin is Santa, and Autumn is almost laying her head on his lap. She was an elf, and then you have Colin and Hannah as elves too in the front. The only one not in costume is my MOM.

Towards the end we all take photos with Santa and his crew... this is Amanda and Christopher. Amanda is my son Jim's girlfriend and her son. This was their first time seeing the play. It's always more fun when we have a new face. In this case we had 3 new faces because she also brought her 17 year old sister.

And last this is me with the Santa team.
All in all it was a nice time. I tried to eat a meatball but I got sick. So I just stuck with the water.
It's late and I am really tired, so I think I'll go to bed.
Merry Christmas everyone... Sweet Dreams


Awesome Mom said...

Merry Christmas!

Jane said...

What a fun tradition! And what a wonderful, fun-loving, family you have! Too bad Adam missed the play- maybe next year he will be the star!
Merry Christmas!

amy-lynne......... said...

Merry Christmas... Have a GREAT day!!!

ilovesf said...

AK: thanks for sharing. I use to be in a play at a friends when I was young.

I have been praying for you! Merry Christmas my dear sister in the Lord.


Wendy said...

Kathy I hope that your day was filled with many blessings, lots of love and good times....I pray everything is alright and you have a wonderful Christmas...
Much Love and Big HUGs

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