Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday- Turn on the HEAT

Well it was mighty cold last night. I had three blankets on and my robe and I could still see my breath. Yep so it goes every year when our furnace breaks. At least the pipes didn't freeze this time, not yet anyway. So I am sure you can guess what I looked like this morning and why I broke down and called the repair guy.
Actually I called two repair guys. The first guy, my usual guy, didn't call me back. So I called someone else, I was desperate. They said they would send someone down this afternoon. In the meantime my usual guy finally called, OH NO. I felt like I had betrayed him. But it turned out good because he is pretty sick and I wouldn't have been able to help me this time.
The new guy came around 2pm... spent about 45 minutes down in the basement and told me a switch was stuck. He un-stuck it and the bill was a mere $162.00. Ouch. However he gave me a disclaimer... the entire heating system in this house is shot. I knew this. He said it's basically not repairable and really should be replaced. I know this too. It will most likely cost us about $5000. Oh I said, no problem, can you start tomorrow??? NOT. I just pray it stays working until Spring arrives.
We are in for another 6" of snow tomorrow. How fun. Oh how I long for those crazy hazy days of summer...

Not much knitting done today, kind of hard when you are wrapped with a couple quilts, lol. I did manage a few rows of a KAL though...that's something right?


I am not feeling great, I am pretty sure I need an antibotic but it's not gonna happen with a snowstorm on the way. So I think I'll just go to bed.


Have a wonderful night, Sweet Dreams




Awesome Mom said...

Bummer about the furnace. I was so happy we were renting when the one at our last place went out. We made sure that the one on our current house was pretty new before we bought the house. Of course the house is still pretty chilly thanks to the really old windows on the house.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Okay you need a definite ((((Hug))))Darcy

sailorcross said...

Oh, no!! And now 6 more inches of snow?!? Stay warm and hopefully that heating system stays working until Spring comes around again!!

That is one thing that I DO like about renting--something breaks, I call, it's fixed and I don't have to worry about the bill.

Here's a big hug to held ward off the chills!!


Stay warm!! If you call the doctor and explain you can't get there due to the snow, will they call an antibiotic in for you and someone could pick it up on their way home from work???


Anonymous said...

Try to remember the furnace scenes from the move "A Christmas Story" if you need a little chuckle. I will pray that your furnace sees you through at least one more winter, hopefully more.

Jane said...

I can't imagine how cold you were! I'm freezing and our furnace IS working! I'm glad you got it fixed and pray it will keep working until spring!

Unknown said...

Sounds kind of adventurous, LOL. I hope you get warmed up. It's horrible being an ice cube.
Maybe you can find another solution to your heating problem. (woodstove?)

And PLEASE take care of yourself! Remember it's easier to get the bug in the beginning when it's wee teeny tiny. Don't let it get too far. I'll be praying for you.

smariek said...

Glad you got it working again, and I hope it continues through the winter.

Sew Many Stitches said...

I am sending WARM thoughts and wishes your way and pray that your HVAC system makes it through the spring. My husband is in HVAC and I know your pain - it breaks/goes out when you can least afford it.

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