Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday- Fiddlesticks and Fudge

Well my blog has absolutely nothing to do with Fiddlesticks or Fudge. What is a Fiddlestick anyway? Hmm wait a sec, I am going to go google that, BRB.

1: a violin bow

2 a: something of little value : trifle b plural : nonsense —used as an interjection

So there you go. It means something of little value, trifle, nonsense. Basically what my blog has been about these past couple days. Perhaps Fiddlesticks is a correct statement...

BUT there is definitely NOT Fudge.

I'd LOVE some fudge. Umm Yummy fudge. However sugar is no longer a part of my diet. Bummer. Christmas time is the only time I ever have a chance to have fudge. perhaps I didn't think this through... No I did. Fudge is part of what got me to this point, right? Even if it was only once a year.

I finally picked up a crochet hook today. Haven't touched anything to do with yarn all week. Not bright when I am making most of Christmas gifts. So I am forcing myself out of semi retirement. LOL Maybe I'll even have a picture or two to show this weekend. Maybe.

I saw the breathing Dr today. Ready to see if I am done with the CPAP, but she thinks it's too early. I need to wait until February. Bummer. I was hoping to be able to move to the upstairs bedroom before then. I am getting tired of sleeping in the living room. No privacy at all. Oh well. It's only a couple months right? And come on, hasn't the time been zooming by these days?

On a good note I have lost 50 pounds exactly since I had the surgery. Now 15 of those 50 were because of the weight I gained during surgery, but I still had to lose it right? I know it won't continue at this pace so I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Guess that's about it for me tonight. Adam and I are going to hit the hay soon. no doubt he will have be running around all day tomorrow. This Nana needs her sleep.

Sweet dreams



SimplyMe said...

Sweet Dreams

Lil Knitter said...

We need to find you an awesome good sugar-free fudge recipe...there's got to be one out there or with a sugar substitute.
Congrats on the weight loss so far...your willpower and determination are just amazing.
*sigh* It's so good to be back in the blog world again. :) I missed you and everyone!!!

sailorcross said...

The very first thing I noticed when your blog opened was that your weight loss and pounds to go was almost even!!


I'm glad you picked up that crochet hook!! Sometimes this is what keeps me going--crocheting and knitting.

And I was thinking the other day--of all the things I've made over all the years--I only own one of these things myself--a scarf.

I think after Christmas I'm going to get serious about socks. And I'm going to start Christmas earlier for next year, so I can go at a slower pace and not burn myself out with this!!

Hope you had sweet dreams and have a wonderful day today with Adam. Are you going to the BIG pool?


Wendy said...

I went to bed at 7:30 last night, and didnot budge til 5 this morning when the dog was desperate to go potty...went back to bed and did not get up til 8:30....nowof course my back hurts from all that time in bed, but I feel less crabby today and again ready to get through another day....SO we have to decorate the tree today and it will be nice since the wind chills are suppose to be in between 5 and 10 degrees and SNOW....
Have a wonderful day..........

Mary Ann said...

Sorry for being such a stanger lately! Being sick has alterned my routine!

Congradulations on the 50 pounds! Way to go! For sure enjoy it while you can. You'll be upstairs befor you know it!

Glad you picked up the hook! It always helps me to relax. Hope it works the same magic for you!

I've been on House Arrest by my family, but I'm begging off on Monday because I have my Red Hat Chritmas party! Then Wed. is my craft club party, followed by the Historical Society party on Thursday night. I'm in charge of both Wed and Thursday! Then I can rest again!

Hope you got a good sleep!

Jane said...

50 pounds! wow - way to go Kathy!

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