Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday- Dora and Boots are in the house

The above picture is my niece Hannah and my nephew Colin, and of course Adam.
Hannah and Colin are only 4 months apart in age but Hannah seems older. I was telling Shelly how they remind me of Dora and Boots. Imagine Hannah with short dark hair and she is Dora, and Colin well he is the spittin' image of Boots.
..................................Dora aka Hannah......................Boots aka Colin

Well I made it to the pool today and finally started swimming laps again. I usually swim 36 laps in about 90 minutes, well today I still had 10 minutes left so I decided to swim 6 more, and then I thought if I made it 9 it would be another 1/4 of a mile. So I swam 45 laps today in 100 minutes.

After the pool I went to the grocery store and shopped for another half an hour. So I got in quite a workout today.

Came home and watched 2 Christmas movies and relaxed. Haven't started a new project yet but I will tomorrow.

Today warmed up nicely and I didn't even need to wear a coat. But looks like snow is expected for tomorrow. If it doesn't start until late I will go to the pool again in the morning. I won't drive in the snow on purpose, LOL.

Guess that's about it for me today. Gonna watch a little TV and hopefully have a good nights sleep.

Sweet Dreams



SimplyMe said...

Tooo cute. I can totally see Dora and Boots aka Hannan and Colin!!!

You are gong o drive in the snow????? Wow. Whooo hjpoooooo!!

sailorcross said...

That's a beautiful family portrait!!

And you swam how many laps in how many minutes for the first time back? I AM AMAZED!! Way to go, Kathy!!

You're getting snow, we're getting ice again today. Right now it's raining, but it's supposed to get colder and turn to ice.

Have a wonderful day!!


Unknown said...


The kids are beautiful. You are very blessed.

Sweet dreams.

Mary Lynn

Unknown said...

Aren't they cute?
And I think girls tend to be more mature than boys anyway in the same age range. It takes time (if ever) for the poor boys to catch up, LOL.

Great workout. You are still very inspiring. Better than the Biggest Loser.
Have a great day.

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