Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday- Sweet Surprises and Santa too

Well I tried to spruce up Adam's picture today. But I can't seem to get the picture bigger without distorting it. Bummer... The red words say Merry Christmas on the top, and Love Adam 2008 on the bottom.
It's funny at Sears they showed sample photos and the kids were wearing Santa hats, I was disappointed that they didn't suggest it for Adam, especially since his outfit was so plain. Oh well it is what it is, right?

Friday in the mail I received not ONE but TWO packages. Neither were I expecting so it was a GREAT mail day for me. This is what I got.

260yards of handspun Merino made by Leah and Lindy, Lindy is the wheel, Leah is the spinner.
I am sure my camera doesn't do it justice, but it's beautiful. Thank you Leah, I LOVE it.

Next came a pair of socks made for me by my friend and most days my sanity Shelly. She planned on making me these socks when I began my journey to lose the weight to qualify for the surgery. She dyed these socks in the prettiest PINK I have ever seen and beautiful silver beads on them too. I had forgotten they were coming, and I was on the phone with Shelly when I got the mail so she got to hear my excitement. Thank you Shelly.
Isn't that just a graceful pose? Actually I wonder if I could have posed like this 100 pounds ago? Probably not. Just imagine what I will be posing like when another 100 pounds are gone.

I did a little better on my eating and drinking today. I managed to get in my protein drink before church that takes care of 55 of the 60 grams of protein. Lunch time I had 1 cup of tomato soup made with milk. It stayed down, that was even better.

Now for two days now I have been trying to eat some meatloaf. Both nights I was sick. Yucky sick. But I was determined to try again tonight. Now I have no problem with hamburger when it's in chili so I decided to break it up into small pieces and add it to the left over cup of tomato soup. It worked, I ate it and not even a gag. I guess in order to eat the ground beef I need it in a sauce of some type. I also had the rest of the jello I made the other day. I think I've had 6 glasses of water too and I am still drinking even now. So for me today was a HUGE success.

Now tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so I think I might actually venture out for a swim. I am going to see how close I can get to a mile after not swimming for over a month.

That said, I will sign off for now

Sweet Dreams



SimplyMe said...

That is beautiful yarn from Leah.

You're welcome, and knitting them was my pleasure. I would have done it in your hospital room..........

congrats on your success!!

PS, you couldn't have done that pose 100 lbs ago, I guarentee it.

sailorcross said...

Yarn and socks in the mail!! Must have been your lucky day!! They are both beautiful!!

And look at that ballerina pose you can do with your feet!! WOW!!

And NOW--you have less to lose than you have already lost!! You're on the downside of the losing scale.


I hope you get to swim today--at least to go and relax in the water a little.

Cute picture of Adam with the Santa hat!


Unknown said...


If it is any upside to the Santa hat, a s-i-l had her kids picture taken one year and a couple of weeks later they were doing the head lice duty. She figured it had to be the hats that they used in their poses.

Congrats on keeping the food down. Little by little.

Take care.

leah said...

Glad you liked it dear one! You were just on my heart! Glad to hear you are doing so well!

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