Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday- I Couldn't Help Myself...

As if I didn't do enough yesterday decorating that humongous Christmas tree {{{grin}}}, I had to go and again today decorate TWO more. I know I know, I should have been resting... Knowing Adam is coming tomorrow for three days. I read, or rather sang, the comment left by TEA... Oh you didn't see her comment? Well let me re-post it here for you.

Sing to the tune of Jingle Bells...hummmm...

Wishin' you would do, what your doctor says is right.
You would feel great soon and even rest at night.
But we know you won't, so we have to pray.
Lord, we wish you'd tie Aunt Kathy to the bed today.

Oh..blogspot tells, blogspot tells,
Someone here's been bad.
They've overdone and now they're pooped.
And they're making us all sad. HEY!! (repeat)

Funny huh? It actually made me smile today and that's always good. Now if you want to smile too go check out her blog if you haven't been there already... The link is above on her name.

Ok back to me and my extremely busy and exhausting day. I decorated a couple more Christmas trees, I just couldn't help myself.

One with garland and one with pompoms as ornaments

I got this pattern sort of from a Holiday Cheer Coaster pattern I found on Ravelry. I had to adapt it a little to make it smaller because I didn't want a coaster I wanted a Christmas ornament. I wasn't sure I could figure out a smaller star so I just used the PomPoms. I like them, they came out pretty cute and were a very easy mindless pattern to create.

Today we were under a winter storm warning. Our first major storm of the season. But NO SNOW. It was all ICE. And we are talking a lot of ICE. Therefore I felt the need to hurry and make something I could use to get around on the ICE.

Ice Skate Ornament has been in my queue on Ravelry since last Christmas. I am not a procrastinator or anything. These were a little more complicated but not too hard. I didn't have the ribbon and flowers she used, but I managed to make them work. I asked my husband what they were and it was a good sign when he immediately identified them as skates. Whew.

Unfortunately I made them a tad too small for me to wear when I carried in the 17 logs for the wood stove today. I had to rely on my back up plan...

And a close up of those spikes... what are they just simple screws??? Yep.

But they worked, I was able to walk on the wooden deck in the back and I didn't slip or fall once.

Then after I died and was revived with a cup of DeCaf Tea I went and pried open the mailbox, yeah it was frozen shut... and what did I find??? A Christmas card from PATT and inside it was this awesome Sheep magnet. She also sells the magnets, sheep pins and needle toppers. They are so cute.

So far today I have had 5 of the 8 glasses of water I am supposed to have. I am going to try to get in two more before bed and then finish the 8th through the night while I sleep.

Which hopefully will be in an hour or so, so I better get drinking.

Sweet Dreams to you all.



leah said...

Wow! you are on a role with those ornaments! I think the ice is a good excuse for you to take it easy!

SimplyMe said...

I'm not sure what I think is the coolest...the ice skates, the strap on no-slip thingies or the sheep. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

sailorcross said...

You are really on a Christmas ornament rampage here!! And they are all so cute!! I really like the ice skates though--they are just adorable!

I'm glad you thought up the nonslip thingies!! I wouldn't want you to fall on the ice. They work though--my mom used to have a pair of thingies with spikes in them.

And what a nice surprise--a sheep in your mailbox!! So, a good day all around!!

Hope the rest of your day is wonderful, too!!


Unknown said...

The ice skates are darling!!!

I just noticed your weight and you are just about half way there!!! How incredibly wonderful for you.


magnoliasntea said...

Glad you liked the li'l ditty.
Don't make me write another

Love all the ornaments.

smariek said...

You're cranking out ornaments left and right! Cute sheep ornament.

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