Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday- Something for Everyone

Sorry about the blurry picture, I just took it now and it's pretty dark. I didn't feel like getting up and turning on every light in the house, LOL. I am tired and read for bed.

These are the auction gifts I wrapped today and the presents we got for Adam for Christmas. I still have a few things to wrap and I need gift bags for the dishcloths I made for all my sister in laws.

I cleaned out my clothes today and packed up the things that are TOO big now. Then I went upstairs and looked in the closet for some more clothes I had stored away. I brought down a pair of pants, a skirt, a couple sweaters and 4 dresses. They range in various sizes, but I tried everything on and they all FIT. The smallest size was a size 22 dress. It's what I was hoping to wear for Christmas but it is a tad small... not uncomfortable but I think I need to lose another 10 or 20 pounds for this one. But a 22 is AWESOME. At one point I wore a 6X. Maybe I am losing weight in more places then my face after all. I think I will wear one of the new dresses to church tomorrow maybe I will even get a picture but don't count on it. I promise to have a new photo at our Christmas get together though.

Looks like my DH has decided he does not want to go to our annual Christmas Eve family gathering and play this year. This is the 20th year... not sure what's up with him, well maybe I do know but not at liberty to say right now. It's sad, because he can be so different when he allows JOY into his life. His attitude made me sad for awhile today, but a friend called and by the end of the call I was feeling better. Just because he is miserable doesn't mean I have to be too. All I can do for him now is PRAY.

It's been 3 days in a row now that I have been able to keep down two meals a day. Maybe I am finally getting this eating thing down now. Whew.

On the craft front I started a hat today. About 50% done... I hope to finish it in the morning. I really want to make felted bags for my nieces but for the life of me I can't find a pattern I am comfortable with and that I can make up in a couple hours. {{{sigh}}}

We got a lot of snow, and it was still snowing tonight and I think more coming tomorrow as well. We are going to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS no doubt about that.

Oh by they way those Votive Cozies are only for decoration... not meant to remain on the candle when it is to be burned, that would be dangerous. If I ever post the pattern I'll make sure to put in that disclaimer, LOL.

Speaking of pattern I did publish a Santa hat today, it's called JOLLY HAT. It's on Ravelry and on my pattern blog too.

I have a few requests for new patterns that I hope to get working on ASAP. I really like trying to create something especially when someone knows what they want.

Well it's late and I am tired and I have church in the morning. Good night everyone

Sweet Dreams



Jane said...

for the felted bags - why not just knit (or crochet) a large rectangle, fold and sew up the sides, then braid a handle for it (faster than i-cord) - and felt. You can make stripes, and use the different colors in the braided handle too.
Almost into a 22! Wow - you are melting away!

sailorcross said...

Wow, Kathy!! You've been really busy!!

And what?!?!--Almost a size 22!! WOO HOO to YOU!!!!!! Congratulations!!

Prayer is just not the only answer, it is the best answer. You keep your spirits up and don't let the miseries bring you down, too.

How much snow did you end up getting? They were calling for ice again here with a little snow, and all we ended up getting was a dusting of snow.

Why are you keeping all the snow for yourself? No, you can keep it for a while--at least until Lindsay arrives safely on Tuesday!!

Love you,


smariek said...

Congrats! I love hearing about your progress.

Happy Holidays!

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