Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday- Is It World War Three Already?

No real blog post from me today. Seems that a war broke out in Watervliet today. It's gonna be a very Merry Christmas around here I can tell.

I can't go into details but it's not good. Maybe tomorrow in the new day things will look different but I can't see that from here.

God knows all, and He is in control. I will trust Him to deliver me from this situation and make a way in the darkness.

Praying you all are NOT having a night like mine.

Sleep well, I don't expect to sleep at all.


sailorcross said...

Oh, I don't like the sounds of this!!

Hopefully, things will appear fresh on the new day.

Praying with you for God to deliver you from your turmoils.


Turtle said...

Hey kat, haven't seen you on lately but hope all is going well and that you and your family have a wonderfully relaxing happy holiday!

Anonymous said...

Bummer...what is it about the holidays that bring the claws out? I hope everything resolves itself soon, and remember there's always 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" to make you laugh your troubles away. Merry Christmas, I will be away from the computer until Friday, so have a great day!

Jane said...

I'm so sorry things are looking so bleak for you - you should be celebrating this first Christmas of your new life! I'll be praying that everything looks brighter in the morning.
In the meantime - lots of hugs to you from me!

Kenyetta said...

I hope everything is alright!

SimplyMe said...

Well, then I guessed right last night. I take it the phone did not die by itself.

Love ya,
and you are not NOT NOT alone. Go next door and celebrate.

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