Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday- Someone Went to Sears

It was a crazy morning... we had the photo appointment for 11am. We picked up Adam at 10:30am and we still had to but a Christmas outfit. Yeah my sister is always running late, LOL.

We got to Sears at 10:50, walked into the Childrens clothes dept (thank You Lord) and quickly found the black pants and a red turtle neck... price... pants 4.99, shirt 6.99. Can't beat that. Thank You LORD again.

Made it to the portrait studio with 1 minutes to spare and we were brought right in. They got 14 photos of Adam, these are just a sample. He has not had his picture taken professionally since he was 6 months old.

Afterward we stopped at McDonald's and got all the kids chicken, fries and sodas for lunch. I tried their broccoli and cheese soup. It was pretty good and I was able to eat more then half of it without getting sick. That was a relief.

Tomorrow I will show some of the other pictures taken of all three kids. And Hannah the model too. She said she could have stayed there all day having her picture taken, LOL.

Adam and I are going to bed now. Tomorrow is another day.

Sweet Dreams



SimplyMe said...

Very cute!!!!

What can I say, the camera had an excellent subject.

Kenyetta said...

He is so handsome!

Claudia said...

Wow he's gorgeous! Fab pics!

sailorcross said...

Wonderful pictures!! I can't wait to see the rest of them!! And what a cute outfit at such a bargain!! Yes, thank you, Lord, for providing for us!!

I like all the pictures, but I think I like the second one the best--where he is leaning back. I don't know why, just caught my eye!!

Blessings to you,Kathy!!


magnoliasntea said...

Great pictures! I like the one with the sled...wishin' for snow.

McD doesn't have broccoli & cheese soup here..that I've noticed anyways.
Glad you were able to eat it okay.

Unknown said...

What a handsome guy. Last year we got pics done in the studio, and boy was it fun, NOT!! I'm glad it all worked out for you and you are getting some good stuff in that belly of yours.

Take it easy!

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