Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday- Frosty the Snowman meets Rudolph

Well that picture was sent to me in an email... it's not actually from our yard. But it could be. We have enough snow to make several snowmen. In fact if I can find some boots I might just go out there tomorrow and make one. It's been many many years since I tried. I was hoping to make one with Adam but he is sick and won't be coming. If I do make one I will for sure take a picture of it. I am a little jealous of the deer though, I'd love to eat a raw carrot. OK Shelly stop feeling grosed out over that. Carrots are GOOD I tell you...GOOD.
I made up a new pattern today. I needed something to hold these votive candles so I crocheted these votive holders. I wonder what I should call them... Votive Cozies??? They were pretty easy to make and I will put the free pattern on Ravelry as soon as I can decide on what to call them. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I was snowed in all day today so I cleaned up the house. Cleaned up the bags of yarn I had all over the place, then I did laundry, paid bills and wrapped some Christmas gifts. I also got a few packages ready to mail tomorrow as well. All in all I felt I had a productive day.

Food wise it was also a good day. I had FF Cottage cheese w/pineapple for breakfast 1/2 a cup and it stayed down. I forgot to eat lunch I was so busy cleaning, but for dinner I had 1/2 cup of chili and a SF Jello snack cup. This time the chili stayed down so I was very happy. So one whole day and no sick moments. Life is good.

My husband and kids all made it to work and home safely in the winter weather, that makes me happy. But we are in for another storm on top of this one Sunday... so everyone seems cranky. I am living in a house with 3 cranky men. God help me, please.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. My sister is taking her to see Disney On Ice. I didn't have the money to go or I would have gone too.

Hopefully the roads clear up by morning so I can go out and get a pair of boots and some gift bags for some presents I have made.

If not I guess I will KNIT away and maybe have a chance at finishing the Christmas knitting I have decided I MUST do.

Hope everyone was safe today and hopefully in bed already. That's where I am heading. See you tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams


smariek said...

Sorry to hear Adam is still sick. I hope he gets better before Christmas.

I've never heard of votive cozies. How do you get the wax out of them after the candles are used?

I've already missed one Christmas knitting deadline and it's all because MIL wants us to visit tomorrow, and I haven't yet finished Auntie's gift (and I won't be able to before we leave tomorrow morning).

sailorcross said...

Love the deer and the snowman picture?

Now, I have to ask you this--at this time last year, did you ever even imagine that you would be doing all that you did today plus be thinking about going out and making a snowman?


Snow, snow, snow, and all we are getting is ice, ice, ice!!! Either way, we're stuck in until the roads are cleared.

Your little candle cozies are cute!! You know I'm not very creative at thinking up names for things, but I'll be thinking on it!!

Love you--hope the men get happier and you have a wonderful day!!


Claudia said...

Love the picture!!!!! And I hope and pray lil Adam is much better soon. Bad time to be sick!

Love the candle cozies! Great job!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a cool picture. Hope Adam gets well soon. We had the sickness last week. It's not fun, I'm telling you.
Well, we had a winter storm warning, and when I woke up, there was not that much snow. some ice, I guess. It all hit south of us. We have another chance for snow tonight into tomorrow. But it will definitely be a white christmas this year!

Mimi said...

That picture is from the book "Stranger in the Woods." It's by a photographer/writer couple in Michigan not far from my parents.

Wonderful book!

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