Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday- Family and Friends Day

Today was a good day. I started out going to see the surgeon and got most of my questions answered and I am still set for surgery on August 19th. I am so excited I can barely wait.
After the Dr appt, I went to visit my friend Kathy, we had lunch and just chatted and we were planning on going to the pool for a couple hours. I brought my gym bag with all my pool stuff in it and I even brought another bathing suit for Kathy since she couldn't find hers. So it was almost time to leave and I went to get my suit out of the gym bag, and it wasn't in there! Ha I brought her a suit and not one for me, dope!! So instead of the pool we caught an afternoon movie... "The Ugly Truth" I laughed a lot. It had some language in it but the over all movie was quite funny.
I left Kathy's and drove to my moms church. The kids had a vacation bible school program tonight and my niece and nephew were both in the program. While there I noticed the man sitting behind me and I KNEW I knew him. So I asked him if he remembered me, and I told him from where, and then suddenly the light came on and he knew who I was. He said I looked so different. I guess 300 pounds lost is noticable when you haven't seen me in 5 years, huh? He was so happy to see me he gave me a hug. We weren't really friends per say, he was a client in the insurance office I worked in for 20 years. He is still insured there and said he asks about me often, my boss told him I retired. Hmm I didn't know I retired. I may have to call my boss next week and check that story out, lol.
My sister stopped by the house ofter church and visited and we taked about California. I may be going back out the end of September if I can get the $$ for the flight and she might come with me. That would be awesome.
I was missing Adam tonight, he would have been in the church program if he was still in NY. Here is a picture of him and his new baby brother. It was taken when I was still in California. Does he look OLDER to you too?

And here is a picture of me and my two sisters... Erin the baby, Dayna the middle child and Me the oldest.

Tomorrow if the rain ever stops the three of us plan an afternoon in Dayna's pool and then an evening of Mexican Dominoes. I am looking forward to that for sure.
Have a wonderful night everyone, catch you all tomorrow. Sweet dreams.


Jane said...

Great picture of you and your sisters! So happy the surgery is going to work out.

Libby's Library said...

Yes Adam looks older - his little face has thinned out a little.

What a lovely bunch of all have the same beautiful smile!

teabird said...

So glad you're on schedule for the surgery - excellent news!

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