Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday- Monsoon Makes an Appearance

So isn't this a magnifacent looking cloud? It's a Monsoon cloud.

My friend lives in the desert, in the boonies of the desert no less, and today we had a visit from the Monsoon. It rained and rained HARD dropping inches of water on the rock hard dirt ground.

It's hard to tell from a still picture but that water covering the road was rushing like a river. Amazing. Earlier as the storm was just starting I actually drove this Honda into town to drop off my friends son to the high school gym.
There were signs all along the road saying do not cross when flooded. It looked pretty flooded to me but he said it wasn't too bad. I somehow managed to drive into town, drop him off and find my way back through the desert to her house without getting lost. This is so out of my comfort zone and I am shocked I pulled it off. LOL And once I got in the house within 10 minutes the road was a river.
We were going to go to Tombstone today but the rain stopped that outing. We might go through fast before we head out to Phoenix tomorrow. Not sure.
Other then the rain I am having a wonderful time, her boys are great, her husband to be is awesome and Cory is just the same as she was 30 years ago when we became fast friends.
Have a great night everyone, I am signing off for the night another long road trip awaits me tomorrow. Sweet dreams.


Bubblesknits said...

That looks like some serious rain! Glad you're having a good time, though!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

That is sooo awesome!! I bet it was amazing in person! :D I'm glad you made it back to the house without getting lost lol... although you prolly would've figured it out eventually... once you weren't really in the desert anymore lol ;)

SimplyMe said...

I'm proud of you!!!!

smariek said...

Good thing you didn't get lost and get stuck in the river road.

Natalie Rush said...

Wow...that sure is some rain!! Hope you keep safe.

Unknown said...

wishes we got rain like that in bakersfield

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