Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday- Maybe The Best Day So Far This Year

Well today I finished all the wedding stuff I was in charge of. The bride wants to give a beach themed bracelet to every female guest so today I made those with the help from my fathers wife. We also decorated the garter for the bride. Her colors are black and silver and the wedding is on the beach, so we added silver bows and shells to the garter. here are some of the finished photosThis bracelet is for the bride, she loves PINK just like me, I liked this one myself but I can always make another one for myself later, right?And this is a group shot of all the bracelets we made 24 total. Took us about 4 hours I think but it was pretty fun.So as you all know I have been hoping to get some sort of plastic surgery to remove this stomach that stayed behind after I lost the weight. I am not looking for the cosmetic pretty finish...Ok I'd LOVE that, but right now all I want is this 50+ pounds to get off of my knees and allow me to wear pants again. Before I left for vacation I saw a surgeon and they were going to attempt to get insurance approval since this is medically necessary. Well I called them today and the surgery has been approved and I have a date. August 19th. I have been wanting to get rid of this dropped stomach since at least the year 2000.
I guess that's reason to go back to NY when the vacation is over. I could stay here forever, I miss the West coast. But what I have waiting for me now is an answer to prayer.
Well it's late, and probably even later for some of you... so I'll sign off now. Have a great sleep, sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

The bracelets are beautiful and what a great idea as a gift. The bride's bracelet is lovely too.

Congrats on getting approved for the surgery. I think it will end up being the one thing that I would have to pay for myself. Sigh.

Jane said...

That's wonderful news Kathy!

I love the bracelets. Were you able to buy the shells with holes in them for stringing, or did you have to put the holes in them?

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

YAY!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!! :D God is good... that's all i have to say!! :D I am so excited and happy for you!! I can't imagine how you are feeling now... how amazing!! :D

I love the bracelets too by the way!! very pretty! :D

**BIG HUGS!!**

Libby's Library said...

The bracelets are pretty - but your news is spectacular! I am so happy for you.

Kenyetta said...


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