Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday- Wedding Stuff Starts Today

The wedding festivities start today with a Tinkerbell party and decorating wedding bottles to send to sea on Friday. Bella wants to come she is a girl of course and has the name of a Disney princess almost, lolThe bridesmaid dresses are here. I tried mine on and it looks like ti will fit fine. Don't pay attention to my uncombed hair and pink sandles, LOL.
I figured I'd blog early cause not sure when I'll be home tonight. More pictures of tonights fun to follow tomorrow.
Good night all sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

Very nice! If anything it looks big . . . such a problem!

Have fun!

Jane said...

What a fun time you have in store for you! I don't think I know what a 'tinkerbell party' is but sending the bottles out to see is an awesome idea. The dress looks great!

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