Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday- The Friends Are Starting To Arrive

Tonight a couple friends from high school and my dad's wife Trish and I did a little shopping and then dinner at Applebee's. I decorated the left over take home boxes with crayons at the table, I know I am a goof. I can't help it I LOVE to COLOR
This is Patty and Cathy two of my closest friends from Mt. Miguel High School. Patty just flew in this weekend from North Carolina for the wedding on Friday.
And this is me and Patty, we were waiting in the mall for Cathy to arrive.
And Trish took this picture of Cathy, me and Patty after dinner.
Then I asked the waitress to take a picture of the four of us... Patty and Trish and Cathy and Me. Funny thing about the way we were seated, both Patty and Trish are "Patricia's" and they sat on one side of the booth together, and Cathy and I (both Kathy's, just spelt different) sat on the other side, LOL.
Oh yeah did you catch that little bit of info? We sat in a booth... YES I FIT in a booth and didn't have to request a table. Dinner was delicious, I ended up with steak and veggies. I shared with Trish and brought home the left overs. One good thing about this surgery I always have lots of extra food left over to share.
I bought a pair of Spanks today, I think thats spelled right... hoping they will work underneath the brides maid dress. The dress will be here tomorrow so I am praying it fits. I'll take a picture tomorrow if I can.
Now I must get to bed, I have my best friend since 9th grade, Jennifer, coming in 8 hours to see me for the first time since 1990 and then after that another frind Wendy, whom I have NEVER met in person is coming in from LA on the train to spend the day in "Old Town"
Good night all and sweet dreams.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like fun! Congratulations on fitting into the booth. Frankly, I don't like booths because my kids don't sit still. I think I will have to try sitting in a booth next time I am out.

You look great!

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