Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday- Shining Palm Trees

So this is the dishcloth I made for the 2010 Breast Cancer Dishcloth Calendar... I am so not sure if I am happy with the final result. I might have to change it a little. What do you think?
And for those that asked here is a PALM Tree, lol. These trees are in the front yard of my dads house. There was a breeze blowing when I took the picture can you tell?

Isn't that blue sky gorgeous? My sister emailed me and said it hasn't stopped raining in NY since I left. In fact there are some serious flooding issues. Oh so sad, not a rain drop here, LOL. I have just been relaxing since I got here. Saturday we take a road trip to see some relatives.
I just signed my dad up for paperback.swap he is excited he reads 5x as many books as I do. I am going to teach him how to use his IPOD shuffle too, it's still in the case unopened, lol. But I can't laugh too hard cause I was totally lost when I got my too.
I actually had a cup of decaf coffee today, their coffee maker is amazing. I can see already that I am going to be getting some new appliances, I'll post more about that tomorrow.
My dad actually convinced me to watch the whole movie "The Shining" Back in 1980 I saw it at the drive in's with my husband (well he wasn't my husband yet) and he fell asleep 1/3 through the movie and me only being 17 at the time was spooked by the movie so I started the car and drove out of the drive in's. I have NEVER watched it since, until tonight. Well all I can say is 30 years later it no longer scares me, LOL. Whew what a relief. Daddy said it would be ok, he would be there to protect me. Yeah, he actually left the room 3 times for phone calls. Now we are watching another movie and then bedtime.
Hope you all had a great day and sweet dreams.


Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

wow... i love the picture of the palm trees!! :D looks like you are having a wonderful time!! :) I dont think i've ever watched that movie lol... im glad it doesn't scare you anymore! ;) when i was little the birds was the movie that did me in lol ;)

smariek said...

Nice dishcloth! It's been ages since I last knit a dishcloth, should get back into it. I've never watched The Shining before. Horror movies is usually not my thing.

Unknown said...

I like your cloth. I don't think it needs any doctoring.

Thanks for the pic of the palm tree. I can live vicariously through you, LOL.

My Dad won't even watch The Shining. That's one movie he will leave the house for if its' on. Weird, huh?

Have a great day!!

Jane said...

The Shining - one of my all-time favorite movies. Heeere's Johnny! I know, I'm sick!

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