Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday- Puppy School Graduate-Bella

Yesterday was graduation day for Bella, my dad's puppy And here is the proud papa holding Bella for her graduation photo I think my dad looks like the camera had him frozen, like a deer in headlights, LOL more then Bella.
Bella called me tonight to tell me all about it, she was barking up a storm, lol. I actually miss her. Almost enough to want to get a dog of my own. ALMOST.
I went to the Y today and swam some laps, it felt great. I think I might go again tomorrow too. Tonight I got to see my church family, I missed them a lot, they were happy to see me for sure.
Tomorrow night is support group I am looking forward to that too.
It's after 1 already so I better publish this and try to fall asleep. Busy day ahead tomorrow, bank run, Avon orders to sort and deliver, swimming, cooking, vacuuming and support group. I need to get an early start.
Good night everyone, sweet dreams.


Jane said...

See - it's not so bad being back home again, is it? LOL

Libby's Library said...

Hope support group goes well, and you get to bed early!

If you do decide to get a dog...think about a rescue dog. They need loving homes so very badly!

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