Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday- Time Flies So Fast But Some Things Never Change

Today was a day of meeting old friends and new friends. This is a picture of my best friend from High School, back then I knew her as Jennifer, but her name really is Jeanne and that is the name she uses now. But she still looks the same, some things never change.Of course she will always be Jennifer to me. Doesn't she look GREAT? And notice she is wearing a PINK shirt? LOL She brought her daughter too, who is now 15 and just beautiful. When we were in school we vowed to name our daughters after each other... she kinda forgot but I forgive her, lol. I named my daughter Jeanette (little Jeanne) though, I am like an elephant I never forget. Ok now what was I just gonna say????
After Jennifer/Jeanne left it was time to drive to the train station and pick up Wendy. I know Wendy from Weight Watchers online. This was our first time meeting in person. Notice the color of her shirt too?We had a wonderful time and talked like we had been friends all our lives. We went to lunch at a mexican restaurant and then walked around Old Town. It's like a Tijuana without the violence and border issues. They don't haggle on prices though, bummer. I did still buy a few things, some for me and others as gifts.The bridesmaid dress hasn't arrived yet but will be here tomorrow so that picture should follow hopefully tomorrow unless of course the dress doesn't fit, gosh I sure hope it does.
Watched a little TV tonight with my dad and Trish... Leverage, Dark Blue and Merlin, have any of you watched these shows?
Well I am off to bed, my eyes are tired after another long day. Have a great night and sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful thing for you to be able to hook up with so many of your old and new friends!

You look great. And, you have less to lose than I do, although I weighed in yesterday and am down another 3.5 pounds . . . 44.6 since February 3. Woo hoo.

Libby's Library said...

I'm so glad that your trip is going well...and sure hope that we can meet up in October!
Get some sleep, and when you go out, be sure to where sunscreen!

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