Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday- Skyline Church

Today my dad and his wife brought me to church. It's called Skyline church. When I was a teenager this was the first church I ever attended on my own accord way back in 1978.

This is a picture of the church now. It has moved and is maybe 4 times larger then the original church was.

They were announcing that it was time to get family photos for the directory and this was the reminder they used, it cracked me up. Even a caveman can do it, hahahaha

The most amazing part of this day was my dad came to church too. He has NEVER gone to church with me, and has not attended church except for weddings and funerals since the 1960's. It was a great day.
Heading out to Arizona for a few days and then back to San Diego. Loving this trip...
Have a great night and sweet dreams everyone.

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