Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday- My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean...

This is my beautiful cousin Bonnie. She is 2 years younger than me. It's been several years since I have seen her and the first time I have ever been to her home.Tis is her lovely daughter Jessica and her grandson George. They are living with her right now. That George, OMG, what a cute baby and just a smiler all the time.And instead of me taking the train back to san Diego from Disney, Bonnie and I took a road trip and she drove me the 100 miles to my dad's. We then all went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant called "Por Favor" I had cheese enchiladas, yummy. It came with 2 of them but I only ate 1/2 of 1. I'll finish the rest off this week sometime. I tell you the East Coast has no clue what "real" Mexican food is supposed to taste like. I could eat this stuff every day, forever.
Have a wonderful night and sweet dreams everyone.

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