Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday- Walked Where Wyatt Earp Walked

Looking down the road that the Old West walked way back whenGunfighters fell along this very pathOf course it's the famous OK CorralIsn't this sign great?This is the Big Nose Kate's Saloon, it's been in business and is still in business since the early 1800'sAnd here is Cory and meIt was a great sight seeing trip, we were there early so we didn't see any cowboys and most of the stores were closed. All the sidewalks were wooden planks, it was beautiful. I am so glad we got to go.
Sadly I never made it to Phoenix as Maria's mom was having surgery today and we just couldn't work it out, guess that just means I must return to the West soon. I don't have a problem with that, LOL.
Tomorrow we do some more shopping in Tucson, then make the 6-7 hour drive back to San Diego, I am having a wonderful time. Not knitting much but having as blast just the same.
Have a great night and sweet dreams.


Kenyetta said...

You are looking great and so happy!

Unknown said...

so awesome to see those pictures and it looks like it was wicked fun!

Turtle said...

what a great trip!

Libby's Library said...

Not knitting - but your promised;-( LOL

No worries - I'm so glad that you're having a wonderful time. Be sure to keep posting photo's. Your beautiful smile lights up a room!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Love Tombstone and Kathy that is SUCH a pretty picture! You look great in gray and white!!

Unknown said...

Looks and sounds like you are havig fun!

hakucho said...

I'm attempting to catch glad you are having such a great trip!! Enjoy your time away :)

smariek said...

Great pics. I love that sign.

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