Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday- This Was Fun

This was so fun. I went to a website to yearbook yourself (it's free) and just uploaded a picture of me and they placed it in all the different years. From 1952 to 2000 I think. So what hairstyle do you think suits me best? If you wanna yearbook yourself juct click here.
I think spending all that time with my highschool buddies has me in a weird state of mind, ya think?
Support group tonight was awesome as usual. They were glad to see me as much as I was glad to see all of them.
I woke up today with some severe stomach pains, I think I had a couple too many of the sugar free chocolate minis last night and the sugar alcohol did a number on my insides so I never made it to the pool today. I usually limit this treat to 3 pieces but last night I had 6. Oops. Won't do that again.
Friday I have another consultation with the surgeon. Hoping to get some details about the upcoming surgery on the 19th. After the appointment I am going to see my friend Kathy and then go to my moms church to see the VBS finale program. So a long day ahead but it should be a good one.
I wish today had been a better one. It was a little stressful and some stressful things going on, but I am determined to stay above it all and let the Lord carry these burdens.
Rachel, from KnitsbyRachel, helped me fix my pattern for the upcoming breast cancer calendar, she is wonderful. And just as a heads up when I have my next blog contest in September I will be featuring her patterns weekly as a prize. And for those of you NON-knitters if you win you can still pick out a pattern you like and I will KNIT the pattern for you in the color of your choice twice.
I am pretty tired tonight and am planning on making it an early night. So I will bid you goodnight and wish you all sweet dreams.


Unknown said...

I kind of like the last hair style.

I find the time shortly after coming back from a vacation very stressful. I cannot even begin to imagine what it was like after all the time you were away.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I like the last hair style and will be praying the surgery goes well and hope tomorrow is less stressful:)
we made 2 loaves of banana bread today.Hugs Darcy

smariek said...

I'm afraid to yearbook myself. I like the pic in the bottom right corner (3rd row down, 3rd photo on the far right).

My word verification today is "bingo" !

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