Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday-So This Is What I Worked On Today

Well today was not a day of sitting around in my nightgown. Instead after brunch, (I made my crustless quiche for my dad, he liked it, {smile}) his wife Trish and I headed out to get supplies needed to finish the wedding things. My friend Cory has me helping getting things ready for the week long event. So we were out shopping for over 5 hours and got almost everything. There are just a couple things we forgot and I will get those tomorrow.
So when we got home we started working on the favor bags.

And this is what is actually inside them, Jordon Almonds and Pillow Mints.

We also workind on the bouquets that I am making. It's a beach wedding so I am incorporating sea shells into the bouquets with the flowers I think they are going to look awesome. We will finish those tomorrow I hope and I'll show pictures then.
Oh did I mention I am now IN the wedding not just attending? And this is the bridesmaid dress.

I am a little nervous, I have never been in a wedding before. The dress was ordered via catalog and I should have it by Thursday to try on. It's a size 16 so I am praying it will fit.
Tomorrow we are going to try another church. I am OK with that. I hope my influence and the trying different churches will help my dad find one he really likes and he will start attending even after I go back to NY.
Oh and the movie we watched last night was "Music Man" with Robert Preston and Shirley Jones, it's a musical and it was a good movie.
Ok I better get to bed if I want to get up in time for church tomorrow. Good night everyone, sweet dreams.


amy-lynne......... said...

cant wait to see you in the dress... congrats on that... glad you are having a fun time... it shows on you...

Turtle said...

ooh fun!!

SimplyMe said...

I love the favor boxes. Very cool. Can't wiat to see the boquets and the other goodies. I'm sure the dress is going to look great. I'm so happy you're having so much fun.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

yay for being in weddings!!! :D haha, me and my twin were in tons of weddings when we were little... i think everyone thought it was cute to have twins in a wedding?! lol ;)

Libby's Library said...

I like the lines of the dress - I think that it will look good and be comfortable. And ...don't worry about being in the wedding...everyone will be watching for the bride.

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