Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday- What's That On my Bottom???

Well are you ready for the story from Sunday? It involves a chair similar to the ones pictured above.

On Sunday I think I mentioned we went to the Pastor's house for a little church get together. It was a fun time as usual. However I forgot to tell you the story about how the chair I was sitting in bit my butt.

Yep, I was sitting in a plastic lawn chair, you know those stackable kind with the slits in the bottom seat and the back rest too, minding my own business. We are telling silly stories, reading off useless trivia, like did you know a penguin can jump 6 feet in the air? I mean that's important stuff to know, LOL. Anyway, I am uncomfortable as I've been sitting for a long time, and my legs and feet were hurting so I kept shifting around in the chair to try to ease the pain a little. When suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my butt. OUCH. I realize my large buns have obviously seeped through a slot, so I stand up to detach myself.

Well I was wearing a long skirt (still in church clothes) and apparently the skirt was through the slot as well, only it was not coming out. It's almost midnight and even though we have a nice campfire going it's still pretty dark out there. I ask one of the ladies to assist me.

Now of course everyone's attention is directed right at me. Well she couldn't get the skirt un-stuck either. It was a black skirt of course, and a dark green chair. So we decide to go to the porch where there is a motion detector light. So I start to walk and the skirt starts to fall from the weight of the chair. Oops. So Cathy has to hold the chair and walk behind me, carrying the chair like the train of a wedding dress. Everyone is now laughing hysterically, including me and Cathy. But we are walking and laughing and we are women who have had children, yeah need I explain further? Let's just say we both needed the bathroom afterwards.

I know you all want to trade lives with me don't you?

Thanks for the comments on the Fish Blanket yesterday. But I feel I must clarify, I only made one of these afghans... It's just one of 9 completed afghans that are being donated to VJG. All 9 afghans are pictured in my Ravelry projects page if you want to see the rest. I am not happy with the way I stitched them together, I couldn't figure out the CBBC (??) seaming. The perfectionist in me wanted to detach them all and try again. But I figure a child with a disability is going to love it no matter what, so it's going. Next time I will try something new

I am leaving shortly for the Y. I am hoping to swim a mile today. I think I can do it. I'll let you know tomorrow. Adam starts pre-school again today, so I won't see him until Friday when the bus drops him off.

Lastly I think I will leave you all with an Ancient Japanese Proverb

Have a wonderful day


Unknown said...

Ok, that proverb almost got me. but I did not tilt my head! Ha.

that's a funny story. I'm glad you can laugh in those situations.

Maria said...

ha ha! I tilted my head!
I'm glad you were able to get through Sunday night and tell about it! You have a great sense of humor! Have a nice swim today!

SimplyMe said...

IT's done!!!!!!

yeah, i tilted my head

no surprise there

Swim on!!

Kenyetta said...

I love the blanket!

Wendy said...

OK, now that the kids and Jack are wondering why I tilted the computer...My neck hurts so I could not tilt it....Ha ha on me...Hope you have a great day today.......

RoamingKnitter said...

Great fish afghan. Love it. I've never had a chair bite me but I have had the leg fall off a chair & dump me to the ground. Aren't we a pair! All right, I tilted my head. Yes I did look silly. Your magic mirror to see me is really working overtime.

sailorcross said...

Oh, I wish I had been there!! I just love when things like that happen, and I laugh until I can't stop!! It's good that you can laugh at yourself, too. So many can't!!

And now--I did tilt my head and I did look silly, but do I care--of course not!!

As for new afghans--I have the pattern for the kites--I'm going to try to scan it and print a copy and then I'll mail it to you!!

Now, please tell me--what is the name of the group for the sock yarn that you had on yesterday!! I can't believe that you get a pattern and sock yarn, too!!

Have a wonderful swim--I think I may need to take up swimming--it's 91 here today and too hot to go for a bike ride.

Spaghetti pie--stop on over for the recipe!


ikkinlala said...

The blanket is gorgeous - I'm sure it'll be appreciated!

Lil Knitter said...

Oh yeah, you know I was sitting here with my head all crooked. LOL
You are just too much of a perfectionist! That fishy blanket looks awesome!


smariek said...

Haha, I figured out the proverb without tilting my head.

ilovesf said...

You are a treasure!! I love the proverb. Where do you get this stuff? I too have many a chair story.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Oh I know I probably shouldn't laugh, but that chair story is just hilarious! You know there's a Bristish comedian who has a 10 minute segment in his show about the perils of plastic garden chairs, but unfortunately his name escapes me at the moment.

Marti said...

I had to laugh at the chair incident. We have those chairs on our porch...I don't sit in them because they are to narrow for me.
Love the proverb!

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