Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday- Mourning or Morning You Pick

The end of the contest is here. I will announce the final winner a little further down... no fair skipping and reading that first. You MUST read the blog in order, LOL. I am watching you, I will know. Hey you... get back up here. LOL

So last night my son and I went to the Pastors house for a church gathering. We had desserts and sat outside by the fire. It was a great night. We were there until after Midnight. My husband, who has decided he doesn't want to go to church anymore, went to his brothers camp. He might have had a good time, but on his drive home, not so good. As the picture shows below, he got two, yes TWO traffic violations driving home. I tell you it can cost you when you disobey God, and with his disobedience we are really gonna have to PAY now when it comes to insurance, work time lost because he has to appear in court, gas to drive the 50 miles to the town he got the ticket in, the fines, yeah you get the picture.
That's the Mourning part of my post. You know he didn't even tell me until maybe an hour ago. Men!!!

Now for the Morning part... here is the sock kit I received last week. I saw the socks on Ravelry and LOVED them, I had to have the pattern. I saw that they were from this monthly sock group, there is a Yahoo group and an online website too. I prayed about it for a few days and finally felt the release and joined. The socks are called Margaritaville and this is the picture I saw on Ravelry. Now what remains to be seen is if I have the skills to knit them up.
The sock kit comes with the yarn for the socks and the pattern. I will get a new pattern and new yarn every other month. I am determined to master these socks. LOL

Here is a close up of the yarn. Isn't it beautiful?
Ok I guess I have stalled long enough and it's time to reveal the winner of the final week of my contest. First here are some balloons for the winner.
I wish I could give you all something. You are all winners in my eyes, and having you come visit my blog and read my thoughts and leave comments of encouragement mean more then I can ever say.

Here are some numbers from this marathon contest.

I had 5233 views to my blog over the 9 weeks
That is an average of 581 visits per week or 83 per day

There was a total of 875 comments made
Which averages 97 comments per week and about 14 comments per day

The week receiving the most comments was Week 5 with 112 comments

Aren't you glad to know all those details? LOL.

And thanks to my trusty Random Number Generator the winner was the person who made the 32nd comment. This was on Tuesday, try a new stitch day. And the winner is..........................



CONGRATULATIONS you just won your choice of a small project bag sewn by Bea and carried in her ETSY shop.

I do believe she is adding some new bags she has been working on over the holiday so you might want to wait a day or two if you don't already have one you like in the store. When you have picked out the bag of choice, send her a Convo through ETSY or Ravelry and tell her you are the contest winner. She will be watching for you as I will tell her today as well. As a back up please email me as well on AOL or Ravelry both are gimpykatk. Thanks and congratulations again.

Now if you did not win this time around, no worries. Another contest will start again on October 1st. And then I am considering another marathon contest for December and January, last year I skipped December due to holiday stuff. I have not decided on this issue yet. In fact I have several things I am considering for upcoming contests and will most likely have a few polls throughout this month, so please come back so you can vote, OK?

Well it's 11am and I haven't even had breakfast yet and I am hungry. So I am outta here for now.

It's Labor Day, so let's take it easy. No Laboring, OK?


Lil Knitter said...

Congrats, Quilt Granny!

Now maybe hubby will think again about going to church. That was expensive I'm sure.

Love that sock kit...I need to check that out. I love the colors of that yarn.

Thanks for another awesome contest. They're always so much fun.


SimplyMe said...

Congrats Deb.

Ohhhhh, I cannot wait to hear the story of the tickets. Ya know, I have my own set of stories. So, I can only bash with understanding. OMG.

I clicked on the picture to see what it said, but it's too blurry. Yeah. I suck.

danielle said...

Congrats to Quilt Granny!

And you know, the best lessons learned are often times the hardest ones....

Unknown said...

congrats to the final winner!

You are an enabler. I need to go look at that sock club now.

Oh yeah, knitpicks has their nickle plated sock DPN's on sale. I'm going to go get some....

ilovesf said...

I hope you don't mind I have a friend who is a "knitting fool" so I told her about your site.

Praying for you as always.


Kenyetta said...

Congrats to Quilt Granny!
Wow on the tickets!

Anonymous said...

Name That Chocolate Dessert Contest
September 1 - 13

First Prize: Hot Chocolate Dress from Emberlish

Second Prize: Chocolate Orange Lil Grubby Candle from The Soap Maker's Shop

Katie O said...

Sorry to hear the hubby got tickets... one is bad, 2 really sucks... especially in the same day!! YIKES!! I'll be here reading... contest or not!! :) I look forward to it!!

Turtle said...

congrats granny! And, OUCH on the tickets! well, enjoy the day anyway Kat. The socks look great! are you doing toe up or cuff down?

Anonymous said...

The yarn is truly gorgeous! I really like Regia yarns in general.

Unknown said...

I love the yarn. Also just wanted to tell you how proud of you I am, I saw you are only 14lbs away from what you need to are awesome! And swimming like you are is just amazing. I too love to swim. It's such great exercise for the WHOLE body. Keep it up!


sailorcross said...

I'll start with the good stuff first--Love that yarn--and you say you get yarn and a pattern every other month? And this is on Ravelry and Yahoo? I want to join!! What's the name of this group?

And congratulations to Deborah for winning this month!! You're awesome for doing this, Kathy!!

And now--two tickets in one evening!! That has to hurt--both emotionally and financially!!

Have you forgiven him yet??


Sew Many Stitches said...

Oh Kathy! I take a day off of the computer and log back in today to find that I was the winner! Thank you so very much!!! This was a treat and a surprise! I was sorry to hear about the tickets and pray that this will not be a financial burden to your family. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and now I am off to look at the project bags. Oh, and thank you to all the ladies that posted the replies to me also!

Deborah in GA

smariek said...

Congrats Deborah!

Sorry to hear about the tickets.

leah said...

The sock club sounds fun! You can do it, and we are hear to help you if you need it!

hakucho said...

That sure is beautiful sock yarn and you so can knit those socks...I know you can. Love the pattern!

happy knitting :)

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