Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday- Appointments, stairs and squishy yarn

Well today I got the clearance from the Psychiatrist for the surgery. I've been meaning to post the yucky stairs I have to climb to get into her office. They are concrete and very tall steps too.
My appointment was at 10am this morning, but I totally forgot about this appointment. She called me at 10:20 and I said I'd be right there. I was going to be cutting it close because I had therapy at the Y at Noon and a dentist appointment at 3:30, so I couldn't stay at the Y later to make up the time. I somehow managed to get dressed into my car and to her office across the river in 10 minutes. NO I didn't speed either. I had the session with her and was off to the Y getting in the pool at 11:45. Not enough time to do my full mile swim, but I got in 1/2 mile so I was happy.

When I got home there was a package waiting in the mailbox. I ordered some new sock yarn. Why? I really don't know. I am not really knitting any socks right now, I do have a pair, well one of them, on the needles now but haven't touched them in weeks.

I saw this Ravelry group Sock Yarn Cinema mentioned on a blog and I was drawn to it, from there I ended up on this ETSY store and that's where I spotted this yarn. Need I really say more?
This bone colored yarn is called Freckles... It's a tweed sock yarn. I love the flakes of colors in it. Can't wait to find the perfect pattern for it. It looks like a mess because I decided I wanted to roll it into a ball, I am afraid I might have made more work ten I want to handle. I don;t have a swift or anyone to help me unwind a hank. So I see lot's of hours de-knotting and winding this up.

Now this yarn is the firs tone that caught my attention. Of course because it's pink. Bet you didn't know I loved PINK did ya? This is called Pink Panther squishy Superwash sock yarn. It is squishy and soft. I WILL not unwind this one unless I have help, lol.

I think when she dyes her yarn she also has a scent in there cause they smell wonderful too, maybe like lilacs. Ummmm

Update on my pending surgery... tomorrow I see the DR. I am hoping to have met the minimum goal and will leave there with a date scheduled, hopefully the date will be November 5th. As of this morning on my scale I was there.

Tomorrow when I blog I hope it will be GOOD news.

Oh and the cashews remain unopened and uneaten. Think I should offer them as one of the prizes next month when the contest starts again??? LOL

OK It was a super long day and I am headed to bed. I haven't really even blog hopped today, hopefully tomorrow night I can get caught up on you all.

Good night, sweet dreams.


leah said...

What a super day! You are almost there!!! The yarn looks fun....just loop it over the back of a chair and you should be able to wind it without too much problem. It won't be fast, but there should be many tangles either!

SimplyMe said...

sleep tight!

smariek said...

I hope your dr's appt goes well tomorrow.

Wow, those are some steep looking stairs!

Good luck with the hank of yarn. I've never had to unwind one before, but I think I've that heard you can stick it around the back of a chair?

Just a heads up when you visit my blog, the posts are now in French. This is only temporary, partly an experiment to see if the guy who copies all my blog posts and republishes them on his blog will lose interest in doing that.

I thought about temporarily password protecting the blog (or making it private and unreadable) for a few weeks, but I decided not to because I know a lot of people visit my blog for the free patterns and I'd rather not temporarily "close up shop" if I can avoid it.

sailorcross said...

I can't wait to hear how you doctor's appt. goes!! You go, girl!! You've been working hard and deserve to have things go well for you today!

As far as that yarn goes--all I can say is mmmmmmm..........looks delicious--and you say it smells wonderful, too? How much better can it get?

I've unwound yarn around the back of a chair, too, when there was no one around or willing to hold it for me. It takes a little longer, but I've tried the other way too and ended up with so many tangles and knots that I promised myself I would always go with the "chair method" in the future.

The yarn with color flecks would make great socks that have a design in them--there's not too much color to detract or overpower the design. Both of them look just scrumptious!!

Lil Knitter said...

Love that yarn...especially the pink!
Good luck with the Dr.s appt. I think you're doing great!
My offer to take those cashews off your hands still stands. :P

Kenyetta said...

Sleep well, you met your goal!

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