Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday- I walked a MILE???

First I need to clarify my birthday is November 5th... That will be my official surgery date. I will have a slew of DR appointments during the month of October. I will continue to do my water therapy and clinic appointments. I will continue to lose weight for the next 6 weeks, hopefully another 18 pounds, that is my secret goal. I have lost 37 on 3 months so it's maybe not doable but I still feel like shooting for the stars. Either way I will be lighter then I am today and that's a plus.

I went to the Y today and worked out in the pool for 3 hours, then went to the grocery store and walked for an hour there, I swear it had to be at least a mile. My legs and feet are pretty sore, but I am still glad I went.

When I got home I had two packages waiting for me. One was my new peanut butter. It's powdered peanut butter called PB2. You mix it with water and it tastes just like PB only has hardly any calories in it. It's also all natural, ingredients are peanuts, salt and sugar. Can't get any more natural then that. On WW a 2 TBS serving was 2 pts. I had some today but only 1 TBS so 1 point and I dipped raw celery in it, and WOW it was delicious.

The other box contained my order from Peaches and Creme. I got 7 cones, 4 for Christmas cloths and 3 for me... can you pick out my favorite? LOL

Also if you are on Ravelry Peaches and Creme are having a contest to see who can make the most ball band dishcloths and/or towels out of their yarn... They have a group on Ravelry, here is the link, go check it out.

Now I need to get myself back into the mind frame to knit again. Times a Wastin'
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫
(can you hear Johnny Cash and June singing that in your head too?)

Well that's about it for me... I promise I will get that poll up before the weekend. I just have to find a moment to breathe.

Tomorrow I go see Adam's school for grandparents day. I think I will skip the pool tomorrow and give my body a rest, I did do a lot today.

Have a great day, celebrate the victories and love and friendships. Each day is a blessing from God.



smariek said...

You're gonna be busy with all that P&C! When I first got into knitting dishcloths, I made the newbie mistake of buying cones -- even 2 cones of the same green color -- and got so sick of knitting with the same colors. Now I buy balls for more color/variety.

Hope you have a nice visit at Adam's school.

sailorcross said...

Let's see--which color would be your favorite? Might it be the PINK!!

That PB looks just amazing! What will they think of next! And I love PB and celery!

I have about 40 pounds to lose, so I'm going to join you in your quest. You know, my birthday is just after yours, so let's see how much we can lose combined by the date of your surgery. I'll weigh myself at work today to get an accurate weight, and then we'll both "shoot for the stars"!! Are you on?

You have been such an inspiration to me! All that swimming and exercise--now that it's getting a little cooler out, I'm going to start walking every day after work--notice I didn't say TRY to start walking--I'm gonna do it! And why--because of you--your determination and your inspiration!

So, I have to thank you today--for making me realize that I CAN DO THIS and just stop sitting back and letting this go by!

Love 'ya,


Wendy said...

Oh you got some Black Cherry. I just love that color.

Unknown said...

You are really going strong! Grandparents day is lots of fun, my daughter loved it when her grandma could come. I think she still talks about it today.

And I love the PnC. Especially the pink. The black cherry is so pretty! I have been debating putting in an order for the longest time...maybe I will soon. but the calling of sock yarn may be too strong. I found some online called flamingo! Can't remember where though.

Ok, have fun today. The mother in law is visiting for a few days (she's from up in your neck of the woods) so the kids will be spoiled rotten!

cedarstrings said...

Kathy, you go, girl! What an absolutely huge undertaking and I am impressed with your ability to stick to the plan of little bit each day! I am faced with an overwhelming task and a wise man told me: you do it the same way you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

I can do the "one bite" but too often it is too long before I take the next one. Your plan and sticktoitivity are inspirational!


leah said...

You definitely have plenty to keep you busy!

Lil Knitter said...

I am drooling over all the P&C! I guess you like the pink one, huh? lol
I have never heard of such peanut butter...pretty interesting. Glad it tastes never know.
Congrats again!!

Jane said...

I agree with Beth - you are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

You walked a mile? That is awesome. I am still working up to a long walk.
Do you want me to share some recipes with you? I am trying a new one right now...applesauce chicken. Smells better than it sounds!

hakucho said...

I bet the pink one is your favorite :) Enjoy and happy knitting :)

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