Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday- Who's that? Why it's me and Jen!!!

OK I re-knitted the Diamonds and Dew Drops to make sure I had the pattern right. This time I used a self striping yarn (sugar and cream... natural stripes) I used size 5 needles this time so it's a tad smaller, the yellow one was on size 7 needles and was 9x9, this one came out at 8x8.
I will be adding the pattern to my pattern blog hopefully in the next day or two.

At church tonight, Jen, the girl who calls me her other mother, my friend Ruth's daughter, who now lives in Louisiana but is here visiting until Friday, popped in. I thought she might so I remembered to bring my camera. Here is a picture of the two of us. Please ignore my gray hair among other unfavorable features, lol... just look at Jen she is beautiful.
I googled today to see how many calories I am burning in the pool. I swim free style for about 90 minutes at a low to moderate level and that burns 1950 calories. Then I do another 90 minutes of low activity, walking with weights, treading water, deep end stuff like bicycles and skiing motions etc. this burns another 1670 calories. That adds up to 3600, so technically I should lose a pound every time I swim. I sure wish it worked that way. {{{sigh}}}

Tomorrow is my first day exercising at the clinic without the water to back me up. I really don't want to do it, but I will.

Not much else is new today so I guess I'll leave it here. Hope you all had a great day.

I just realized I haven't done any of the polls I was planning, I will hopefully get to that tomorrow, October will be here in a couple weeks and I need feedback, yikes.



sailorcross said...

Your new cloth is beautiful, and so are you!!

Your smile lights up your entire face. Now, here's what I tell people when I am training them--"When you answer the phone, SMILE!!" They look at me like I'm crazy--but, believe me, people can hear a smile through the phone!

You are doing such a good job with your exercise. It takes a lot of dedication to stick with this, and I'm proud of you!!


leah said...

How super you got to see your friend!! I'm amazed at your dedication with the excercise!

Unknown said...

AWWW, You are both beautiful!!

You are a true inspiration. After reading your blog and hearing how you swam for 90 minutes, I had to walk on the treadmill. Keep posting about your progress, it keeps me motivated, which is sooo easy to lose.

I hope your land exercise goes well today. And can't wait to try out the pattern.

RoamingKnitter said...

I really like this version of the cloth. Good choice of colors, too.

At first glance I thought she really was your daughter! Jen is lovely and so are you.

You are really working hard in the pool and now adding floor exercises, too! Wow, you are showing wonderful dedication and are being a true inspiration to me. I'm sending prayers your way to keep your spirits up and the weight coming off. By the way, remember that muscles weigh more than fat but using those muscles burns off fat. Even when the scales don't show the pounds dropping, you are loosing inches.

magnoliasntea said...

The pattern is very nice!
Gray? My youngest calls that ash blond! Enjoy your blonde hair!
Have a great weekend!

katerina said...

love the new pattern and I totally agree with both roamingknitter and anita - You should be super proud of your self, keep at it and remember that muscle weighs more than fat. I'd go more by how you feel and what you're able to do. Keep it up! you're doing just wonderfully!!!

Maria said...

I agree as well! Keep it up! And I also agree with sailorcross that your smile really lights up your face!!

hakucho said...

I'm happy now. Love our cloth! I love the self striping yarn :)

Both you and Jen look beautiful. It's a wonderful photo. What gray hair?...I don't see any :)

smariek said...

You both look beautiful in the photo, wonderful smiles. :-)

Your cloth looks great in the striping yarn. I've never tried those before, I'm still stuck in the regular solid & regular variegateds.

You are so good with your exercise routine. I wish I could be disciplined. I almost feel guilty.

Anonymous said...

You BOTH are absolutely gorgeous! Smiling, happy, and positively GLOWING!

Congrats on all that exercise!! If I lived near you, I'd totally go swimming with you every time! I should really get back into going... I would like to get healthier too.

Lil Knitter said...

Your new design is still gorgeous in the striping yarn.
That's a really good photo of you two.
Wtg on sticking with the exercise and making such great progress.

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