Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday- Contests, Polls, Errors and Birds

I wanted to let you all know about a contest I saw on Ravelry today.

Here is a link to the contest it's held by Coveted Yarn

Here are the rules: (contest ruins until 9-21-08)
Each person you send earns you 1 point.
This is what they have to do to count
1. Join the Coveted Yarn group.
2. Say that you sent them (have them use your Ravelry screen name) on this thread.

(Note* my Ravelry ID is gimpykatk)

3. Tell what their most Coveted Yarn is.

It is that easy.

Each person who joins and posts can only be counted once. For the point to count they must say who sent them and also what their most Coveted Yarn is. They also need to join the group Coveted Yarn and post before the deadline. That’s it.

At the end of the contest the points will be tallied and the 10 highest point tallies will each receive a credit to our of $1 for every 2 points earned (rounded up). This credit can be used for anything on the site (well over 200 different yarns) including patterns, sale and clearance items. There is no maximum so if you get the hankering to go hog wild then please do so, after all we are talking about FREE YARN here. Time to load up!!

So go on over and join, free yarn sounds like a great prize to me, how about you?

Well the polls are done, long day but it was a good one. I was able to stick to my food plan. I didn't get in the morning swim though, it was thundering and lightening so the pool was closed, bummer. But tomorrow I swim so all is good.

I knitted the cloth I designed for the breast cancer awareness calendar finally today at the polls and I discovered a few errors in the written pattern, oops. I hope I can get it corrected before the calendar goes to the printer.

I think I'll leave you with a picture I love of my favorite thing at the zoo, can you guess why?

Good night, see you sometime tomorrow


sailorcross said...

Good Morning, Kathy!!

I think you love those flamingoes because they are PINK!! And besides that fact, they are just beautiful birds.

Coveted yarn, eh? I'll have to look into that when I get home from work.

I hope and pray that you have a wonderful day!


Kenyetta said...

I think flamingos are pretty too!
My favorite zoo animal is the ocelot!

Cinders said...

Love the flamingos. my fave zoo animals are the monkeys. perhaps they remind mne of my kids!!!LOL

leah said...

The flamingos had me fool until I read they were at the zoo. My mind kept trying to place what that could be....looked like fancy bread for awhile! :)

Katie O said...

I think you love them because they are pink!!!

smariek said...

Oooh, pretty flamingos! I kinda miss going to the zoo with Miss M, it was such an easy thing to do back when we were living in San Francisco. Now it's actually a planned "day trip" for us.

Unknown said...

I like the pink birds too. Especially that color. Do you think someone should dye a hank of yarn and call it Flamingo? I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Glad you had a good day!

Mimi said...

cool picture!

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